Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

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If you follow the advice in this book, you should experience that feeling every time you walk out of an interview. Future-proof your career and maximize your competitive advantage by learning the skill necessary to stay relevant, reinvent yourself, and adapt to whatever the workplace throws your way in this essential guide. Scott Young incorporates the latest research about the most effective learning methods and the stories of other ultralearners like himself - among them Ben Franklin, Judit Polgar, and Richard Feynman, as well as a host of others, such as little-known modern polymaths like Nigel Richards who won the World Championship of French Scrabble - without knowing French.

The guru to the gurus at last shares his knowledge with the rest of us. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's seminal studies in behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, and happiness studies have influenced numerous other authors, including Steven Pinker and Malcolm Gladwell.

Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

In Thinking, Fast and Slow , Kahneman at last offers his own, first book for the general public. It is a lucid and enlightening summary of his life's work. It will change the way you think about thinking. Two systems drive the way we think and make choices, Kahneman explains Can you explain why you're the person they need to hire?

Employers ask you different interview questions This is the audiobook that will show you how to use your answers to get the job. The fruit of the long history of John Brockman's profound engagement with the most important scientific minds who have been thinking about AI - from Alison Gopnik and David Deutsch to Frank Wilczek and Stephen Wolfram - Possible Minds is an ideal introduction to the landscape of crucial issues AI presents.

The collision between opposing perspectives is salutary and exhilarating; some of these figures are deeply concerned with the threat of AI, including the existential one, while others have a very different view. You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and thrown in a blender. The blades start moving in 60 seconds.

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What do you do? If you want to work at Google, or any of America's best companies, you need to have an answer to this and other puzzling questions. The book covers the importance of creative thinking, ways to get a leg up on the competition, what your Facebook page says about you, and much more.

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This book has many fun problems, and even gives general strategies for solving such problems and reasonable advice about taking a tech interview, but it is really not effective in an audible format. It does have a PDF with drawings related to a bunch of the problems, but listening to the binary sequences of Gray codes or the numerous unique ways to paint a cube was both tedious and unenlightening.

This would be quite a fun book in written form, but I could not recommend the audio version. I agree with the reviewer who pointed out that, because it is largely a puzzle-book, it is significantly more challenging as an audiobook than it would be in written form. But I would also point out that if you can't handle this book as an audiobook, then you're probably not smart enough to work at Google. If you are considering this book because you really are contemplating a job interview, you will receive these or similar puzzles orally, not in written form.

Don't be afraid to challenge yourself by doing something that's a little more difficult. The book is perfectly comprehensible, even without ever actually referring to the PDF at all. I was fascinated by this book. It has challenged me to think outside of the box and think about what I want to do for my next fourty years. Great read- I also bought this in paperback as I wanted to redo some of the puzzles again. Ironically I was reading this book when I was already working at Google, I didn't read it to prepare for interviews or anything, I was just interested in the puzzles, and this book didn't disappoint Aside from the puzzles the stories about the IT industry hiring processes were very interesting as well So if you wanna read this book because you're trying to get hired somewhere, I can't say how much it will help, but if you're reading it for fun and brain teasers, I highly recommend it Is there anything you would change about this book?

Difficult to follow without visualizing word problems and having time to think over problems. How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable? More outside the box stories, less word puzzles. If this book were a movie would you go see it? Any additional comments?

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Interesting, but fell short of my expectations Your audiobook is waiting…. By: William Poundstone. Narrated by: Joe Ochman. Length: 7 hrs and 55 mins. Categories: Business , Career Skills. People who bought this also bought Work Rules! Martin Length: 2 hrs and 5 mins Unabridged Overall. Ganser Length: 19 hrs and 45 mins Unabridged Overall. Q The Lion King is holding an animal conference. All the animals attend except one.

Which one? How do you get across? A People in affluent countries run through several bottles of shampoo a year. You might as well guess that it averages out to one bottle per person. The answer is there are about as many bottles produced per year as there are people in the world — seven billion. A The series is the letters of the alphabet in a silly code.

Are You Smart Enough to Work For Google?

A, as a capital letter, is made of three straight lines. So that becomes SSS where S stands for a straight line. Capital B is one straight line and two curved ones, or SCC. C is one curved line, and so coincidentally remains C. D is one straight and one curved line, so SC. That brings us up to the next symbol, which must represent the letter E, which is made up of four straight lines, so SSSS.

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Q You and your neighbour go to a car boot sale on the same day. Both of you plan to sell exactly the same item. The items are in identical condition. Then the best plan is to hide one item until the first one sells. Then put the second item on sale at a reduced price, according to how late in the day it is. Anything you get from selling the second item is pure gravy.

Q You are in a car with a helium balloon tied to the floor. The windows are closed. When you step on the accelerator, what happens to the balloon — does it move forwards, backwards or stay put? A The near-universal intuition is that the balloon leans backwards as you accelerate. Well, intuition is wrong. When the car accelerates, the air is pushed backward, just as your body is. This sends a lighter-than-air balloon forward.

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  4. When the car brakes suddenly, the air piles up in front of the windscreen. This sends the balloon backwards. So the short answer to this question is that the balloon nods in the direction of any acceleration. Q You want to make sure that Bob has your phone number. Instead you have to write a message to him on a card and hand it to Eve, who will act as a go-between.

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    Eve will give the card to Bob, and he will hand his message to Eve, who will hand it to you. What do you ask Bob?