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Megan grows into a beauty with a warrior's heart and dreams of joining the Fianna. When she comes of age and is denied membership, all hell breaks loose Cormac tries to protect her, but cannot do so at all times. When Megan meets what she feels might be her life mate, it's not at all a smooth transition and battles of blood and bone ensue. Great, deep love and bliss grow here with The Last Sacrifice, as do the hatred and venom of souls lost and betrayed.

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The way they entangle and intertwine throughout the novel is fascinating, and karmic lessons abound. The men and women in this sequel to Destiny's Warriors are beautiful and enchanting, and, utterly horrifying as the Lord of Blood, hunts down men, women and children, for the slaughter to feed his cannibalistic society.

This epic tale of retribution, battles of will and affairs of the heart are to be devoured and at the same time savored as you travel from realm to realm within its pages. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published January 27th by Outskirts Press first published September 13th More Details Original Title. Destiny's Warrior 2. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews.

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Rating details. My theory Voyager probe landed on fallen home world when the traveler first arrived. Traveler had access to human DNA. As did the fallen. Traveler understood the messages. Location in space. So the Traveler planned to go to us next. But the hive having new advanced technology decided to try and clone us, but because of decay from age. They used parts of their own DNA to clone us creating the Hive explaining why we are so similar to the hive, and the grim.

The first of the hive born from this became the top hive after making contact with the darkness.

See a Problem?

Which I think is force that corrupts further. Because our DNA was twisted and corrupted, by the fallen mistakenly, they gained more power. The hive quickly over ran the fallen. It would also expain why the Fallen and Cabal don't try to befriend us we are extremely geneticly similar to the hive. That is also the reason the traveler abandoned the fallen early because it knew from the data on the probe that we would be one of the only ones able to stop the hive. Pawelczyk And those weapons we use MUCH better than them? All based off of or are flat out other species weapons.

Also the Sword of Crota, why do we swing it so much faster and better than knights? But that's just a theory. A game theroy! The Game Theorists just recently made a video on this. You should check it out. Allow me to present a more grey-ish thoery. First we need to consider each specie we encounter as "factions", what I mean by faction is just the regroupment of individual or some can say "sides" even maybe alliances.

In my opinion there is two main sides and several smaller ones. We have the Traveler and the Darkness which seem to be entities "helping" forms of life to progress in the universe. The Traveler appears to be a sort of "technology provider" and help species which are sufficiently developped to reach their full potential if not, why bother waiting on Mars to be reached by three humans?

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The Darkness, in the other hand seems to prefer a more "brutal" way where selected species have to fight against other existing species in order to become stronger, wiser, and more advanced. It applies very well to the Hive which followed this kind of path according to Toland There is a Grimoire Card describing the process, sorry for not providing it. The Darkness doesn't have a particular quarrel with the Traveler, it just follows its plan and sometimes those two philosophies collides.

And Falls happen when it's the case. We only call it Darkness because it is aggresive toward us and the Traveler, that's just the name we put on it. According to the Grimoire and Variks, the Fallen were a specie helped by the Traveler in the past but when the Darkness came with its species maybe the Hive , due to its more pacific side, the Traveler left Kind of a Dickmove if I may say.

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The Fallen tried to fight against the Darkness but were finally forced to run. They decided to follow the Traveler in order to regain their power and maybe defeat the Darkness. Due to the travelling time and other unknown circumstances, they reached our system during our Fall. Since then, they want the Traveler back and think they have to prove they are worthy of the Traveler again remember what I say about waiting to be found on Mars? Maybe that was when WE proven to be worthy.

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So, why the Traveler didn't runaway once again when the Darkness finally arrived in our system? We didn't let it go. More specifically, Rasputin and maybe the other Warminds used force against the Traveler in order to avoid its leave. Knowing that it'll not be able to leave in time, it created something to protect itself and make sure it can survive, and us with it by extension. And since the Fall we kept this kind mutual benefit situation until we can retaliate or push back the Darkness. All this means that Humanity and Fallen are more or less on the same "side", the Traveler's side but we just don't like each other or don't understand each other because, after all, we are different species with different ways to think.

The Hive in the other hand seems to be the actual Darkness "champion" specie, the one it try to make evolve by "fire". But what about the Cabals? The Vex? I call them the Neutral Species or the Collateral species. The Cabals first, they're fleeing the Hive. It was not clear until the Taken King annoncement but in the Grimoire it's several times implied they are running away from something terrible. But they don't appear to be in relation with the Traveler either.

Maybe they never crossed path with it or never proven to be worthy of it or whatever. They just are an alien specie which evolved by itself without be influenced by a "faction" and are currently trying to survive. They also deeply want the Golden Age technology in order to retro-fit it and find a way to save themselves. The Vex are the most mysterious of all. We don't know when they appear, where and how.

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We just know that they can transform planets in machines, guard the Black Garden and are able to time travel. They were following their own agenda until the Darkness arrival. Here, I'm about to throw the most speculative part of my theory so brace yourselves. We know that the Darkness has interest in promising 'combative' species. What could be more interesting than a specie capable of time travel? So the Darkness invaded their 'home', the Black Garden and used its force to make them "workshipping" it.

Maybe the Vex were following antoher goal like terraforming all the system like Mercury in order to totally be independant of Time, maybe the Vault of glass is a prison where the "rebels" against the Darkness are kept, who knows? But what is very strange is the form of the Heart in the Black Garden, a sort of moving shapeshifting orb which can sometime "look" like the Traveler.

Hence, people saying that there is an "evil twin" Traveler or even that the Traveler is Evil in the future and such. But if you listen closely some of Variks lines in the Reef, one of it is "Would you like to hear the stories? The stories about the Shape Shifters? Can it be the Darkness form? A shape shifting entity capable of deceiving other species? Shape shifting is a very good survival strategy, juste look at cephalopodes or cuttlefish.

Seth is encouraged by his uncle Kerrigan to journey there when he struggles to write his long awaited coming of age song. Joined by his childhood friend, Ambre, and guided by the mysterious warrior, Micala; Seth begins a journey that will change his life forever. What initially seems like a quest to write a song, soon becomes much more as Seth faces pure evil, his own dark origins and a startling discovery beyond anything he could imagine concerning the power of music.