Light and Life

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Words of Light and Life (Prov 6:22-23)

Meet the Explorers. Related Links. Clothed in a white robe, he descended out of heaven. Standing in the midst of a multitude, he stretched forth his hand and said:. Jesus Christ is the light and life of the world because all things were made by him.

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Under the direction and according to the plan of God the Father, Jesus Christ is the Creator, the source of the light and life of all things. Jesus Christ is also the light of the world because his example and his teachings illuminate the path we should walk to return to the presence of our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is also the light of the world because his power persuades us to do good.

And so we see that Jesus Christ is the light of the world because he is the source of the light that quickens our understanding, because his teachings and his example illuminate our path, and because his power persuades us to do good.

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We come to the Father through the life-giving mission of the Son in two ways. In each of these ways, Jesus Christ is the life of the world, our Savior and our Redeemer.

Light and Life

Through the power and example of the infinite atonement of Jesus Christ, all mankind will be resurrected see 2 Ne. Our mortal life came into being because of his creative act.

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Our immortal life has now been assured because the Resurrected Lord has redeemed us from death. Jesus Christ is also the life of the world because he has atoned for the sins of the world.

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In the scriptures this separation is called spiritual death see Hel. The atonement of our Savior overcame this spiritual death.

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Our Savior has redeemed us from the sin of Adam, but what about the effects of our own sins? In summary, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Redeemer, is the life of the world because his resurrection and his atonement save us from both physical and spiritual death.

Light and Life

I wish that everyone could understand our belief and hear our testimony that Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Redeemer, is the light and life of the world. Indeed, there are those who make their living attacking our church and its doctrines. I wish all of them could have the experience I shared recently. A friend who was making his first visit to Salt Lake City, called on me in my office.

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He is a well-educated man and a devout and sincere Christian. Although we have not discussed this with each other, we both know that some leaders of his denomination have taught that members of our church are not Christians. After a short discussion on a matter of common interest, I told my friend I had something I would like him to see.