Milk Fresh From The Tap (Milk for Free #3, a Lactation Fantasy story)

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I really enjoyed Persepolis but no comic books, please. My mom has not read a book in over 20 years because her job is bananas. She will be retiring in the next year and she has mentioned that she wants to try to read for fun now that she has more time. Myself, my brother, and her two retired sisters my aunts are all voracious readers and I think she feels a bit left out.

Could you help recommend some books that might help transition her from a tv couch potato to a book couch potato? Hello — I am scheduled to have surgery in August, and the recovery period is much longer than I expected — at least weeks spent pretty much in bed. Beyond Birds and Bees looks at human sexuality through the lens of Dutch society. I like learning that something that can seem so strange to me at first like allowing a child to walk to school alone or play outside naked is common practice somewhere and the examination of background and implications.

These books are interesting and I think, help me parent more thoughtfully. Do you know of others? I wondered if you could recommend a comp, specifically with the following aspects in mind:. I tore through all three books last summer and was OBSESSED and so sad when it was over and have found myself looking for something that feels similar ever since. Haruki Murakami is also one of my most favorite authors, and although his style is quite different that VanderMeer, I think the common denominator for me is the way that these totally out there, usually quite unsettling events take place within very real, familiar settings and often build in intensity as the story progresses.

Among the Ruins by Ausma Zehanat Khan. Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Strabal. Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly. Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. Longbourn by Jo Baker. Kraken by China Mieville. Rosewater by Tade Thompson. I have been an avid listener and a growing book devour-er since starting to listen to all sorts of awesome bookish podcasts such as yourselves.

I have downloaded, but have yet to start reading The Skeptical Vegan, but are there any other books that you or Miss Liberty can recommend that would help me on my merry way? Hello, I love your podcast. Thank you for doing it! I am wanting to eat healthier. I am interested in cookbooks that focus on healthy meals but on a budget. I have a 7th grade teacher looking for read-a-likes to S. They do not want other S. Hinton titles, yet still want titles that are age-appropriate for a 7th grade public school.

I love your show and have found many great recs for my TBR and titles for my classroom library. It is amazing to see their diverse interests, but one common love by many this past year has been The Martian by Andy Weir. I never know what to suggest to them next after this book and many times they have book hangovers after this read. Help me help them find a read alike for this novel! Hi ladies! Love your podcast! Fave authors are probably Becky Abertalli and Rachel Abbott. It will be just me and my husband relaxing in the woods, hiking etc.

Last year I read Undaunted Courage and really loved reading about their journey while I had a much more modern adventure. Specifically books that feature mind hacking, mind uploading, or resleeving into artificial bodies. It would be a bonus if the recommendations included either romance or horror, and double bonus if they feature LBGTQ characters and issues! Monster by Walter Dean Myers. Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. The Black Count by Tom Reiss. A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo.

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Feed by MT Anderson. Upgraded , edited by Neil Clarke. Hey guys! I would love to hear your recommendations for YA fiction. Bonus points for a book series and for having a romance subplot. Please no John Green. Ready Player One and The Martian were two books that immediately struck me when I read them as being tailor-made for him, and he loved them both back before either of them were movies. Long time listener to the podcast here.

I love your show, though it has roughly doubled my TBR, so thanks for that. My family is taking an epic Western road trip for two and a half weeks in July, driving from Ohio to Montana and Wyoming to visit Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, as well as some smaller parks and sites along the way. I would love a recommendation for an audiobook that we could listen to together to keep kids off of personal technology for at least some of the trip. I am easy—read everything and anything.

My husband typically prefers non-fiction, but could be flexible. My son is almost 13 and likes. Science and history, both fiction and nonfiction. He does NOT enjoy most fantasy. My daughter is 9 and prefers fiction. Can you please help us find something fun to listen to that will get us all on the same page, so to speak, as we spend many hours together in the car?

Hi Ladies! I love the podcast and am hoping you can help me out. I have two kids, an 8 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. When they were little, I used to read to them every night before bed but as they got older we stopped and I missed it. Recently I convinced them to start reading together again and for our first book I picked Refugee by Alan Gratz which has been good but intense and sad. Could you give us some suggestions for our next book?

Thanks for your help! Over the last year I have slowly succeeded in turning my husband into a reader, now he wants to read books together. Last month we read Where The Crawdads Sing, it was his pick. It was a great experience, but now we are stuck trying to find a second book. His taste in books seems to be evolving rapidly and I am out of ideas. Thanks for any help you can provide! I adore books where the language usage or the writing format is as important to the story as the story itself.

I am specifically looking for fiction at this point. Renegades by Marissa Meyer. Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee. Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson. A Void by Georges Perec. A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing tw: sexual assault, suicide. Hey Get Booked! Thank you for the invaluable service you provide. Ideally it would have a strong sense of place. I am very afraid of flying and have a work trip coming up 11h flight. So please nothing including these topics. Bonus points for non-American settings and lgbt themes if possible and please, less incest.

Love the podcast by the way! Are there any books when a character meets someone new but decides to stay with their significant other and is happier for it? Do those exist? I absolutely adore your podcast for inspiring me to seek books my heart needs instead of just passively receiving whatever I find in stores! I love this pod!! Do you have any recs for books with this sort of theme, and tone? Please something without explicit sexual or violent content. His genre is mischievous boys making trouble. Hers is middle grade or YA fantasy.

Mine is literary fiction. Past successes are Mrs. Basil E. Daily drives without a good book are not fun around here! Help, please!! Pierce Translator. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield tw: incest and suicide. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Post: Multigenerational Family Novels. Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins. Waiting in the Wings by Tara Frejas. The Hum and the Shiver by Alex Bledsoe. Unraveling by Karen Lord tw: mentions of violence, incl. Alanna by Tamora Pierce.

God Land by Lyz Lenz out August 1. My dad is a huge American history buff, but he is also conservative yikes for liberal me. Right now, he is really into revolutionary war time biographies as well as books about native culture in early America. I want to gently open his eyes to diverse writers without spooking him like a baby deer.

Hi, Amanda and Jenn! I listen to your show every week, and my TBR list keeps growing. But, here I am, with a request all the same. And, when I have time to read something for pleasure, I gravitate more toward fiction, something with a driving plot that keeps drawing me in.

Eat, Pray, Love.

So, how very surprising that I would fall in love with a book that was, in part, about falconry. Specifically, I loved the beauty of the book, its language, and the descriptions of nature. But, it also had a driving plot that drew me in again and again. Surely, there are other memoirs and nonfiction titles that can cure my book hangover and fill a very large gap in my reading list. Thanks in advance for the help! Hey Amanda and Jen! Thanks for the suggestions!

I want some history books about kick ass women in history, and you two seem like the people to ask. I have a particular fascination with ancient history, and the Middle Ages, so if you guys know of any books about those times it would be great. Basically the older the better.

Production Perspective

I liked the book and am looking for more like that. Major bonus points: I read a book about serial killers about 10 years ago, it was a conglomeration of nonfiction short stories about serial killers and their background, basically how they became serial killers their childhood, abuse they faced, etc but, for the life of me, I cannot find that book again, if you can find it that would be amazing. Whenever I hear about a new feminist essay collection or memoir, I get really excited, run out to get the book, and then am crushingly disappointed.

Can you recommend some feminist reading that is NOT a memoir or essay collection? Either fiction or nonfiction is fine. These Truths by Jill Lepore. The Cooking Gene by Michael W. The Road to Jonestown by Jeff Guinn. Escape by Carolyn Jessop and Laura Palmer. Empress by Ruby Lal. The Red Parts by Maggie Nelson. All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister. Priceless by Robert K. Otherwise, I am pretty open and trust your recommendation! Fantasy especially with folkloric elements tends to be my favorite, but I also like mystery, horror, sci-fi, romance and post-apocalyptic.

Bonus points for queer characters! I would love to find reading recommendation on books that talk about nutrition for those not on a diet. Do you have any recommendations on where to start? I have found so many great books to read through your podcast! Nothing rattles or grosses her out.

She plays tennis and loves to win. Thank you soooooo much!! I think I tend to like authors that write very plainly, as I seem to have little patience for overly wrought phrasing and writing that, to me, sounds too pretentious. The problem is I am kind of a picky reader and there are plenty of books that I thought I would like that I end up quitting on after a hundred pages or so.

I also tend to not love long books anything over pages. Hello ladies! I have very severe dyslexia, so would prefer something that could be found in audiobook format. The Telling Room by Michael Paterniti. The Talented Ribkins by Ladee Hubbard. The Pisces by Melissa Broder.

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Delicious Temptation by Sabrina Sol. Empty Nests by Ada Maria Soto. Dare to Love a Duke by Eva Leigh. Prostitute Laundry by Charlotte Shane. Dune by Frank Herbert tw torture, child abuse. Jade City by Fonda Lee tw: child abuse. The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons tw: torture, slavery. Arsenault Rivera tw: torture, homophobia. Dandelion Dynasty by Ken Liu. Long time listener first time requester!

Looking for a book to recommend for my book club. The current pick is All the Light We Cannot See which sounds great but again will be heavy and serious. It is a bit time sensitive as I will need a suggestion by the beginning of June so thanks for any advice you can give! I love your podcast and so appreciated and utilized!

I am in a bit of a reading rut right now and would love some help. I love anti-heroes, fast-moving plots, realistic relationships between characters, and a healthy smattering of jokes. I am one of those people who never got over Harry Potter, since it is easy for me to read but there are always new little details to discover.

I have also been voraciously reading everything by Maureen Johnson thanks to one of your recommendations. For me, Josiah Bancroft hit the perfect balance of ease and depth. What would you recommend? Hi there! Thank you so much in advance! After going through several life changes I am finding myself questioning everyone I used to be so sure of. This is very unsettling to say the least! Do you have any recommendations for me? Perhaps memoirs of people who have walked through this particularly confusing path? No fiction, please. I also love the dark, sardonic wit of Dorothy Parker.

I have a very detailed GoodReads profile, so that might give some clues, too…. Books in translation is a long-standing hole in my reading. I was hoping for some recommendations for good audiobooks in translation. A queer angle is a huge plus, but not required!

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Djeli Clark. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. We, the Drowned by Carsten Jensen. Post: Audiobooks in translation. Amanda and Sharifah discuss heartbreaking YA, real-life heist reads, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked.

My beautiful wife Amy is turning 40 next week May 8th and one thing she has asked for is a book recommendation from your podcast! Amy is a mindful and devoted mother of two who puts honesty, integrity, and her children's well-being above all else. She's a writer and a dancer, a lover and a dreamer, an artist and a baker.

She's also a reader. An avid reader who's love of prose has skyrocketed in the last few years. Amy has recently discovered a love for YA novels. To quote Amy, "I like how they capture specific sentiments and feelings that are unique to young people. The characters don't always have adult reactions and it's interesting to see how they will express themselves. The writing doesn't need to be overly literary because that's not how to best represent the stories.

I am interested in the unique space that YA occupies and all the YA books I've read recently have been excellent. But Amy loves more than YA. She also enjoys grown up and intelligent "literary" books that feel like works of art. Again, to quote: "I remember a moment reading The Goldfinch when I felt the plot slowed down and then I felt really excited thinking 'what if the rest of the book only explores this one little moment in time' - it became more about appreciating the beautiful writing.

Any recommendations you could make to Amy would be greatly appreciated by herself and me and would certainly make this already monumental birthday even more special. Hi guys, I'm going on a ten hours train ride this friday, and then the next monday as well. I'd like something to read on my kobo during the train ride, something that would be light and fun. I enjoy queer fantasy and sci-fi in which no one dies and fairytale retellings with a non dark twist!

I have a background in archaeology and art history, and am a huge fan of stories related to art theft or crimes in museums, etc. One of my favorite movies of all time is The Thomas Crown Affair. I was wondering if you could recommend any novels of this type? I'm on a quest to find some appropriate audiobooks for a 14 hour road trip with my nieces 8 and 11 at the end of June. The older one loves fantasy she's making her way through HP atm , but the younger of the 2 can be sensitive with monsters, ghosts, etc.

Ideally, I'd like to find something with diverse characters, a little magic, and a great narration. Bonus points if it's a first of a series, so they can continue on if they love it. I was looking for some books that I could go to the places in them. I'll be hitting up the major cities, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville.

Anti Breastfeeding Books: Part Three - The Alpha Parent

But Spain. Preferably fiction that will just take place in these places. My grandmother is in her nineties and still enjoys a great mystery. She dislikes books with explicit language or graphic sex and violence, but is also not particularly into "cozy" mysteries or faith-based fiction. She especially enjoys the "curmudgeonly detective in the country" genre. Please help me find some great new authors for her!

I've only recently discovered the podcast but have absolutely fallen in love with it in that time! Thank you for all the work you guys put into making it great. Growing up I used to love fiction, especially fantasy and sci-fi, but as an adult I've found myself struggling to get into most fiction and instead find myself, as an avid history fan, gravitating towards non-fiction. However, I desperately want to broaden my horizons and recapture some of the magic which I found in fantasy novels as a child.

I'm looking for a fantasy novel where the focus is on the political intrigue and manoeuvring, like Game of Thrones, and less on the more fantastical elements of the world, such as other fantasy races etc, though of course some amount of that is okay. Looking forward to hearing your recs and thanks for the help! Pan TW suicide. The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi contributor. Jade City by Fonda Lee. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. My daughter is 10 and in the 5th grade.

She has recently discovered all the Marvel movies and has watched them over and over. Some of the movies are a little…intense…but the genie is well out of the bottle, so. So… Are there any Marvel graphic novels appropriate for her age group? And before you rec Ms Marvel, she really wants to read about these MCU characters she has fallen in love with. Anything you can recommend would be awesome!

We would like to listen to an audiobook or two along the way; however, we would like something that we can both enjoy. Extra points for a book set in Colorado or with a Road tripping theme, though it is not required. He also really enjoyed the book Captain Freedom. Jemisin, and cannot get enough of it. I am currently in a reading drought. I am hoping that you will help me find a new series to enjoy. I have enjoyed Still Alice Lisa Genova , an ember in the ashes sabba tahir , snow child eowyn ivey , the giver Louis Lowry and the Tattooist Of auschwitz heather morris.

Please help me find something similar. The snow child and the giver are my two all time favorite books. Open to anything minus non-fiction. I am traveling to West Virginia in July for two reasons: 1. To visit my husbands family and 2. For both these reasons, I want to learn a lot more about West Virginian culture, life, history, etc. She generally tends towards magical realism, feminist literature, and something-is-slightly-off type plots like in Never Let You Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

I liked how the time moved so fluidly and the view points shifted subtlety but distinctly and also smaller details, such as the masterful way that Allende handled the continued rape of the main character, a slave woman, both as off-hand in the way that it would be treated at the time and yet as absolutely brutal and despicable. Something I can easily follow while doing my housework after baby goes to bed. I Would really like something non fiction again. Maybe some humour or a memoir but Nothing too sad please. My wife is traveling a lot and I miss her.

Specifically ss monster hunter goodness. I recently read S. Monsters are great but what I really need is a sense of the mysterious as well as a horrible sociopathic nihilist narrator voice combined with the inevitable longing for love and human connection. But monsters too if you can manage it. Spidey Vol. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. John Henry Days by Colson Whitehead. My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul. The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. Borderline by Mishell Baker tw: suicide, self-harm. Obviously I need to include books! She loves cooking, especially with the food she grows herself, and anything nature-related.

Thank you so very much for any suggestions! I absolutely loved a Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. I also read Rules of Civility. I love books with great character development set around historical events or spanning a long time with cultural or historical significance. Please recommend some books or authors that can grab me like these authors. First of all, I love listening to the Podcast, I discovered it a couple weeks ago and have since then gotten caught up, I literally was listening for probably 10 hours a day! Here is mine: I recently rediscovered my love of adventure books.

As an adult I am having trouble finding good quality adventure books. Are there any that would read like an Indiana Jones movie? I am also currently reading Sandstorm by: James Rollins which is what got me thinking that I need more adventure books in my life. I want to be an archaeologist in another life, and since that is not an option I would love to read more archaeology books. I hope you can help me find some! My favorite books tend to be when the prose, themes, plot all feel intentionally aligned by the author to form a perfectly crafted present to a reader.

I am also open to any suggestions to bump up books that are on my already very large Goodreads tbr. Thanks for the help! I would like to read some amazing books in translation. I just want something totally gripping from another culture and language. Probably my all-time number one favorite book in translation is The Man with Compound Eyes by Ming-yi Wu though they usually write his name as Wu Ming-yi.

I want books that help me understand people, so I do want an internal world in my books. I like action and plot as well. Of course, beautiful prose is always great but not necessary. Think the Martian Chronicles- lots of societal commentary done in a beautiful way.

I love short stories too and am open to anthologies. I also would prefer to read female authors!!! You guys are awesome!!! I want to read something in this same vein — novels written in verse. My little book club Ogden Lit and Libations is celebrating three years this October. While discussing a good creepy read to pick along with picks for a couple of other months, we realized we had yet to read a western novel. The Unsettlers by Mark Sundeen. That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott. Time Salvager by Wesley Chu. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. Insurrecto by Gina Apostol tw genocide.

Tentacle by Rita Indiana, translated by Achy Obejas tw: sexual assault, homophobia, slurs. August by Romina Paula, translated by Jennifer Croft. Future Fiction , edited by Bill Campbell. Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics. Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Frankweiler by E. I used to read more in the late aughts, but things got out of hand with the tropey, poorly researched, non-representative crap that was being churned out.

Below is a list of things that are acceptable YES and a list of things that send me into rage fits NO. Like, give me some thirty or forty year olds living their best lives or not. And interracial romance is a huge plus. Not to mention, annoying. So, no women being martyrs for dudes.

There is enough of that IRL. I have linked my Goodreads as well. Can you recommend a series or trilogy for adults in another genre? I do enjoy historical fiction and read mostly literary fiction. She was a voracious reader growing up, but for a variety of reasons has become a reluctant reader now in her late 20s and struggles to focus long enough to really get into a book. Her current favorite titles are Lumberjanes and Doctor Aphra. So I think something with some history, political intrigue, and a pinch of darkness would be up her alley. LGBT representation is a plus.

Please no dragons if you make a high fantasy pick. Hi Amanda and Jenn! I recently started your podcast because one of my friends from my book club recommended it and wow is running on the treadmill way more joyful now! Work has been very emotionally taxing the last year, and I have been setting more and more time aside for reading.


I have found myself falling in love with books with tasty language, most recently A Gentleman in Moscow and Rules of Civility , The Secret History, and Circe and Song of Achilles, which I know was mentioned in your last podcast. All seem to live in times almost apart from our own. Thank you again for your work! Can you recommend a book that might help prepare me for this trip, or at least help me tackle all these anxieties, both imagined and real? I would love some good audio books that will make me laugh out loud. I love all kinds of humor but sarcasm and dry humor are my favorites.

I also love crazy rich Asians and Jen Hatmaker. I prefer fiction but will try nonfiction. Including my goodreads link. The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole. Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai. Monstress by Marjorie Liu, Sana Takeda tw: torture, violence, war. Roses and Rot by Kat Howard tw: child abuse. The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson. Thank you so much for your show — I adore it.

I am looking for a book for a friend who is a very spiritual person and involved in her Christian church. Maybe something a little more church-y? She is also a performer — she acts and sings at public events around town and in her church. I have no idea what other books she reads — I just want to get her something out of the blue to inspire her and make her feel good! First, I love the specificity of so many of the requests sent in. The most recent episode I listened to mentioned only recently honing in on the type of books you most enjoy and I find the readerly reflection of what others are looking for fascinating.

Appreciate this whole bookish community. My mom is an avid reader and will be taking a Rhine River cruise this summer. She is a fan of historical fiction, enjoys multi-generational sometimes with alternate timelines story lines, and loves to read works with setting as a character before traveling. I would love gift recommendations for her to read in anticipation of this trip, so I am hoping for a setting along the Rhine river Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland. My husband is deploying soon and I am putting together a boredom buster care package to send him.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Can you help me? I prefer more narrative non fiction if possible as in, no text books please. I love your show and have listened to every episode! Thanks for all you do! I have re-written it several times trying to get it politically correct, but finally decided to just get on with it. I apologize in advance! Feel free to edit it if you see fit. For example, I wonder how Sen. Elizabeth Warren dealt with the reality that Sen. It would be easy if Sen. Franken had done nothing of value, but he did many admirable things as well.

Please nothing with a rushed, unrealistic conclusion. Hi Guys! I would prefer the protagonist to be from the Indian subcontinent or atleast an Asian. I usually prefer reading YA novels but any genre that entwine its narrative with themes of sexuality, gender and cultural backgrounds are welcome. Thanks again for the recommendations. We have two small children and both work full time so we often find ourselves in a rut of only talking about whose turn it is to do the dishes or bathe the kids.

We are also an interracial couple so bonus points for books with lots of racial diversity. A Memory of Empire by Arkady Martine. For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee tw: body horror. Waypoint Kangaroo by Curtis Chen. Pandemic by Sonia Shah. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai. Bonus: SFF Yeah! Hi from Canada! I enjoy well-formed and complex characters, and learning about something new whenever I read history, other professions, unique life experiences etc.

A dose of magical realism or low fantasy is fun but not necessary. I also like Barbara Kingsolver and Isabel Allende. I tend to find out about popular books quite easily so something off the beaten track would be great. Thanks for doing this great podcast! Unfortunately, he is not much of a reader. We also read the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher together, and really enjoyed that. World of Warcraft, Witcher, Skyrim, Borderlands, etc.

I do not think he would enjoy the Game of Thrones series, and I think even N. Regardless, I think all those books are too long for him to want to make a commitment to, especially on vacation. She loves being read to and I think this is a situation where seeing yourself in the story could really help! Now I need some advice. I do not like psychological thrillers or too much gore. I guess what I like is quirky and can have a touch of noir or humor. I find the culture and folklore it explores fascinating and I would love some memoirs or biographies so I could have a more grounded perspective and be able to have more context to the fantasy novels.

The Recovering by Leslie Jamison. Chesapeake Requiem by Earl Swift. Open City by Teju Cole. Saint Mazie by Jami Attenberg. The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee. The Bloodprint by Ausma Zehanat Khan. Families Families Families! Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart. IQ by Joe Ide. There Was a Country by Chinua Achebe. I am looking for African-American, Bi-sexual, and women with disabilities, literature. I love fiction, some fantasy some siFi, romantic suspense, and both mysteries and thrillers.

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Some Young Adult is okay. No Paranormal, or aliens having human babies, no cloning, and weird stories. I am blind so the books must be available in an accessible format. I work at a nonprofit hunger relief organization and am looking for recommendations for our staff book club.

Specifically, I am hoping you have some ideas for a graphic novel or graphic nonfiction book about any of the following topics, ideally in combination: food, nutrition, nonprofits, social justice, equity, or inclusion. We have read two books so far, Big Hunger and Behind the Kitchen Door, and have a good list of future options, but I thought it might be nice to try something less wordy at some point. Must be appropriate for discussion in a work setting.

Can be something we could read all at once or in installments. Thank you for the tips and for the amazing show! I love watching documentaries my favorite film genre and reading non fiction as well as science fiction. Any suggestions would be super helpful. Her favorite princess is Mulan, so she really likes strong female characters.

Any help you can give me is wonderful. I hate to give her gift cards for her birthday or Christmas because it feels so impersonal to me. So I need help trying to find books similar to my favorites. I love the writing style, the quip literary remarks, the funny quotes and how the actual physical writing is different fonts, margins, etc.

I also enjoy how closely I become connected to the characters. A memoir would be particularly interesting. Kidlit These Days podcast. Little and Lion by Brandy Colbert. So Lucky by Nicola Griffith. Comic Books With Recipes post. Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh. The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Final Draft by Riley Redgate. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh.

Reading is my stress reliever and with finals coming up I need something to relieve my stress each night. I loved the juicy plot line full of family secrets. I especially loved the coming-of-age aspects including the youthful and slow-burning romances and the heart-breaking love triangle.

I also read The Interestings earlier this year and although I found it kind of slow, I enjoyed the coming-of-age narrative and slow-burning romance between two friends. Do you have any other book recommendations that include some of these aspects, but also have a gripping plot line to keep it all interesting? I am a gender, women, and sexuality studies major. However, I need fluff to reboot.

Unfortunately, most fluffy books are frustratingly problematic. So, my question is, can you recommend some light and delicious novels or memoirs that can help me turn my brain off without making me wonder why I have faith left in humanity? All genres welcome. Hi all! I like sumptuous and sweeping novels, with chapters that offer a glimpse into the life of a scientist or person who loves science and nature. Descriptive prose is especially engaging for me, and stories that focus on characters who are met by swift changes and challenges.

I am looking for more books like this, and look forward to your recommendations! Thank you so much. I am looking for books that are set in Belgium or are about the history of the country to read before we go. I recently read and enjoyed The Song of Achilles and was wondering if you could recommend similar books but dealing with Roman or Norse mythology rather than Greek.

Fiction please! I am a long time listener to your podcast. A show a few weeks ago made me realize I would like to read romances with an Asian and a Caucasian. I am married to a man who was born in Korea so would love to have a Korean in it but am open to other countries or heritages.

Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet. Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin. Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. The Veronica Speedwell mystery series by Deanna Raybourn. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier. Belgravia by Julian Fellowes. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. Trade Me by Courtney Milan tw: eating disorders. Lion Heart by Fran Seen. She loves books that empower women and have all the best intentions of showing you how to live your best life. Anything similar would be great! Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast!

I am finally rejoining the dating scene after a painful divorce following almost twenty years of marriage. I am pretty nervous, as things have changed just a bit since I was last on a date!

Books by Judith Culvers

Would you be able to recommend a romance that I might be able to identify with, given my circumstance? Maybe I am?! The first: historical romance. I like Julia Quinn and pretty much read most of her books. I also like Candace Camp and read some Eloisa James. It would be great if there is witty banter and family dynamics. I loved Harry Potter. Something with wizards or witches could be fun.