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This is a case of too much pushing away. I think Cam proved himself enough. Instead of talking out her fears, she kept him at arms length and yet kept him reeled in enough to keep trying. It just gets to a point of frustration for a reader to not se Audible Review I loved the duel narration.

It just gets to a point of frustration for a reader to not see much progress. View all 5 comments. I am going to say two things right now about this review: it will be long in its praises, and will not do this phenomenal book as much justice as it deserves. I am being honest. My words just aren't as good. Are you ready to hit the ground running? Lace up your shoes and be prepared to run, because once you start this book, you won't be able to put it down until the very last page. It's going to suck you in, but you will be oh so glad it did. I had the incredible opportunity to read On My Knees I am going to say two things right now about this review: it will be long in its praises, and will not do this phenomenal book as much justice as it deserves.

I had the incredible opportunity to read On My Knees before it was released. Having read Meredith Wild's other books, I figured I would pretty much love this one too. Not so shocking: my prediction was spot on. If you haven't read her other books, go one-click those bad boys as soon as you finish reading this book and review! Do it, because it's so worth your while. I won't reveal anything major plot wise, but I will give you a little something to entice you about On My Knees, Maya and Cameron, and their story. It's hard to put everything I felt while reading this story into this review especially without revealing everything It was visceral, it was extremely vulnerable and raw at many times, it had moments that will break your heart and put you back together all in the same breath, and it was magnificently sweet in the way all us lovers of love stories will just simply love.

Can you tell I like the word love? On My Knees is told in dual perspectives of the main characters Maya and Cameron, which sets this story up beautifully. I am totally team dual perspective! It also opens with a prologue that will have you engaged and ready to devour the book from the first page. It doesn't take long to get right to the good stuff, too.

You will feel Maya and Cameron right from the very beginning, and you won't stop feeling until your done. You see, these two have a past, and neither of these deliciously dynamic characters have dealt with that past. Like at all. In the beginning of the book a choice is made, and both Cameron and Maya are still presently reeling from the repercussions of that choice. Those repercussions effect each of them differently, but effect them they do. The reasons for that choice are thoughtfully explained and presented over the course of the story, as Maya and Cameron are presented with another chance.

When these two characters find themselves face to face for the first time, they can't help but be drawn to one other again.

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This book is full of gut wrenching ups and downs that will leave you breathless, laughing, smiling like a fool, melting into puddles of emotion, fanning yourself repeatedly, and its just remarkable. It also has some pretty interesting twists and turns that keep the story moving at a pace you will just adore. I do not have the right words to properly describe Maya and Cameron to you, but I am going to try my darn best to attempt this with these magnificently dynamic and wholly authentic characters.

Both of these characters have their "flaws" that makes them them. These "flaws" just work, and make these characters relatable and easy to read, and you will whole heartedly feel for them when you step into their minds. They also have a spark that flies off the page in spades. It's almost tangible at times, and you will feel their connection to one another as if it were you yourself feeling those things. Maya has chutzpah. That's my favorite way to describe her, because she just is who she is and rocks it. She is unapologetic in a lot of ways, completely owns that, and even though sometimes I wanted to shake her because she was being difficult, I simply adored her character.

It also felt extremely well-paced, never too fast or too slow. Just right. Maya also has a past that gets revealed over the course of the story, and I felt that these revelations came across wonderfully, and helped really explaine why the chips fell the way they did. Cameron was just a good fucking guy. He is honest from the get go, and he is not afraid to put it all out there. He also puts his vulnerability on display, and I liked that he was just willing to go there.

He recognized his mistakes and he owned them, which took a lot in my opinion. He knew when he fucked up, and boy did he try to make up for the choices and actions he made. Basically he's a good character inside and out! It was balanced well, and it fit his character exponentially. He was determined, he never gave up, and his feelings are his. He's also really good looking, so there's that too.

Not to be outdone, this book has some "supporting" characters that will blow you out of the water. At times they add the humor that you didn't even know you needed, the drama you love, and the clarity our two main love birds kind of lack when they're busy with their heads up their butts. In Maya and Cameron's defense, they have a lot of baggage within their past and present, so its easy to see how they could get caught up in it.

Each of these additional characters add their own flavor to the story that fits seamlessly in with what is happening with Maya and Cameron. I definitely have my favorites within this cast of characters cough cough Eli , and I am hoping more is to come with them. Fingers crossed.

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On My Knees follows Maya and Cameron and their scorching off the page chemistry, as they try to figure out what is what between them. They are drawn to one another for a lot of reasons. This story follows them as they try to find, build, and cross the bridge from where they were to where they actually want to be. Their journey is wholly theirs, and makes for an extremely engaging story that will have you in tears one moment, breathless from the visceral moments so eloquently written in the next, smiling like a fool in others, fanning yourself from the connection you feel between them, and in the end you will just feel balanced.

Maybe that's not the most interesting word to choose, but that's what I thought at the end of reading On My Knees. It's just balanced, and it works. It's got it all! Every aspect of this book comes together to make a fantastically developed story that you're just going to love. Suffice to say: You. So just do yourself a god damned favor, and buy it now. This book focuses on Cameron and Maya reconnecting after five years of separation. During the past five years, Maya was left broken and an empty shell of her former self.

Now, five years later, Maya and Cameron are reunited in New York. After so many years, the strong feelings they had for each other are still there and stronger than ever. Cameron willing to put the past between them and move forward wants to make Maya his. How long will Cameron be on his knees begging for Maya to take a chance on their love?

There was no doubt in his love and devotion to Maya. Majority of the time, I found myself frustrated with Maya. I wanted to shake her so she could see what is standing in front of her.. I wanted to scream at Maya to come clean and admit her love for Cameron and take that chance. The slow emotional journey of Maya and Cameron will have you on your knees begging for these two to finally get it right the second time around. View all 4 comments. Meredith Wild has done it again! This is not your normal rich billionaire mogul love story.

This is the story of possibility and how powerful undying love can really be; this is about Maya and Cam, their love, their love lost and the possibility of their love rekindling. When Maya Jacobs isn't working her daily job on Wall Street she is suppressing her demons and regrets with alcohol. Not wanting to let her heart be broken again, she stays guarded and in a sense untouchable.

Cam Bridges swoon has immersed himself into his gym after completing several deployments. Still reeling from the heartbreak and not wanting to par take in the family business he with his sister Olivia and brother have become their own family. A chance run in on a busy New York City street was the last thing Maya expected to happen. How could Maya and Cam be living in the same city, blocks apart and not know? Could this chance encounter be what they both need? Can Cam with his big heart and persistence see past all of Maya's demons and knock down the walls that she has built around her?!

Can their love story end in a 'yes' or is Maya always going to be haunted by her demons? Nov 17, Glen rated it liked it Shelves: firstreads. I won this book as part of a goodreads drawing. Years later they meet again We all know where this is going. Not bad if you're into this sort of thing. I felt like i was having every emotion that the characters were having This is a must read book..

Well let me tell you… because this entire damn book is a waiting game! Is happiness going to ensue? No… fine then. Okay, how about now? Still Nada. My life is black abyss. Anyways, other than that I love the vibe. Love the sexy, almost suspenseful bass that leaves you on the edge of your seat. Overall Rating: 4. Wild and what an introduction it was. This book is…. Pure, unadulterated, emotion stringing, frustration inducing, tear activating, hair pulling, book throwing angst. And I loved every page of it. As a reader, sure I got frustrated. Like truly unconditionally. Like Holy Crapola.

PAGE 1! Incredibly sexy, confident, strong — he was this rock in a wild ocean that was always consistent. I would strongly recommend this book PS. I want to clearly state I did enjoy Maya as a character. I know it probably seems a bit ambiguous, but she is actually a fun character.

What a fantastic read! Cheers, [image error] PS. Who else's head went to the gutter when they read the title I know mine did I was honestly hoping for a little more action from this book! The beginning was fine, and the story did sound promising, therefore I'd hoped that the unraveling mystery and reason why the whole split at the beginning happened, would end in a reasonable and emotional conclusion. Which was not the case, I felt like the main character, Maya, just pushed the love interest, Cameron, around and that kind of made me view her in an unpleasant way.

At the end of the novel I just thought, "Thank god it's over now". It wasn't per se a bad book, it just didn't capture my attention enough to make me want to read it desperately, like some of the other romance novels I've read. I liked some of the side characters like Darren, Vanessa and Eli, which is good since I do have plans of reading all three books in this series.

Although, I'm currently not a big fan of Olivia so I hope that will change in the next book or so, so that I can look forward to reading her story in the last one. Once again Meredith Wild has knocked it out of the park with this new book series : From the first chapter you get sucked into Cameron and Maya's story. I love the way Meredith developed each character and their back story, it kept me wanting to read more and not put the book down. The interaction between Cameron and Maya was so well written, I loved how we read Cameron's take on things as well, it gave more depth and understanding to the story.

Especially since men are way more comp OMG!!!!!! Especially since men are way more complicated than women my husband hates when I state that little factoid The side characters are all interesting as well and I look forward to their stories as the series progresses. Their dialogue was very real in the misunderstandings and emotions that all of us go through with our significant other DNF I'm sorry.

I just can't put myself through this anymore. I thought the Bridge Series was a sure thing. And, I will preface this review by saying that I still love Meredith Wild's writing. I may even try the second book in this series someday. Because, my problem wasn't with the author or the words on the page. I have nothing against the three Bridge siblings. Cameron was amazing. Sure, he might have royally screwed up with Maya when they were younger, but he goes to great lengths to prove to her that he's not the same person and that he won't leave her ever again.

You know that scene in the movie Clue where Mrs. White is talking about how she hates her husband so much that she has flames on the side of her face? That's me and how I feel about Maya. And yet, never once did she ever think that perhaps she could've prevented all of their heartache by telling him the entire truth from the very beginning.

Although I don't know what that secret is, and was curious for a while, I just don't care anymore. All I know is that Maya thinks it's okay to lord Cameron's mistakes over his head as a way to continually make him suffer, and yet by keeping something obviously so big from him, one could argue that what she has done is much worse. Maya is a miserable human being. She hates her job. She spends every weekend getting plastered so that she can try and forget how unhappy she is.

She allows herself to be manipulated and led by others. She gets herself into completely inappropriate and horrific situations which puts other people's hands all over her, and then she has the NERVE to get pissed at Cameron when he is upset about it. Seriously, this chick is never ever happy, and therefore, no one around her is either. I have such a hard time getting into a story when I can't stand one of the characters.

And I really loathed Maya. I wasn't enjoying the book at all, so I had to stop. I can't even express how much I loved this story! That being said, this was definitely not a beach read. This was a turn off the phone, lock the doors, climb inside and don't come out until you've finished the journey kind of story. It could be heavy at times, and heartbreaking, but was so real and so honest I couldn't put it down!

I love that we finally have a sexy hero who is an everyman He was a man, not a mogul. Throughout most of the book, I wanted to slap some sense into Maya, but even at her worst she was plucky and funny and sweet. Their chemistry leaped off the page, and while it was not an over the top romance, it was something that was sensual and beautiful and so real sometimes I couldn't help but cry. Anyone who has struggled with demons like Maya will feel her pain, and her battle with alcohol rang true on so many levels. I love Cam and Maya, and can't wait to revisit them in later installments of The Bridge series!

Another one out of the park for Meredith Wild!! View 1 comment. I was completely captivated by their story before the prologue was even over. I just knew I would need plenty of tissues handy and I was right. The way Meredith sucks you in immediately is amazing. My heart was broken before the book even began and very, very slowly, she put it back together through a beautiful second chance love story.

Cameron might possibly be the most patient and un I fell in love with Meredith Wild's writing through her Hacker Series, and she hooked me again with On My Knees! Cameron might possibly be the most patient and understanding man ever! Maya put him through so much, but she herself was going through so much too, that I felt for her even when I was utterly frustrated by her. I kept cheering for Cameron to stay strong, and he did! My heart broke for both of them. Their struggles, their triumphs, their heartaches, their love, and all the highs and lows were so real that you can't help but become a part of them and feel everything they go through.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Maya is complicated and embodies every woman with imperfections that are truly just that, imperfections.

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She may wallow a bit too much in self-pity for my taste, but that only makes her character more relatable. Cameron on the other hand, seems to be a bit too perfect. But so what? It certainly doesn't diminish the story. If I had one recommendation to raise this from a four-star to a five-star, it would be to have a more in-d 4 well-earned stars to Meredith Wild.

If I had one recommendation to raise this from a four-star to a five-star, it would be to have a more in-depth look at the problems Maya faces with her past. The past that holds captive her future. I definitely recommend that this book finds a spot on anyone's sexy-book library. Jan 02, Belinda rated it did not like it Shelves: romance-adult , reads. I always push through but this year I told myself that if it is that bad to just stop it. This is one of those books.

Maya is an unlikeable character who is self-absorbed and self-pitying. Looking at the synopsis it says she is in a "soulless job" but what it should have said is that she is soulless and a shell of a person. No personality and no energy for life. She doesn't have a "work hard, play hard" lifestyle. She doesn't 'play hard' she gets drunk and proves yet again to be a self-absorbed woman. Cameron also shows no signs of having gone through a painful experience of a bad breakup.

Apart from a comment about re-upping in the military because of her there is no evidence of him being saddened by her refusal of his proposal. Their reunion is not convincing at all. There were so many spelling and grammar errors "I road it out until I was wet with need".

Another thing that annoyed me about this book is that it is the typical writing style where the author tells the reader everything rather than showing us. I feel like as far back as high school we are always being told "show, don't tell". Due to this, there is no real sense of chemistry, yearning, or romance here. We are told they like each other but we don't actually see it. Apr 02, J. I swear to you. Until one day when Cameron visits while on leave from basic training and hastily asks Maya to marry him.

Five years later Cameron is out of the military and living in New York with his brother and sister, starting to make new lives for themselves. When their paths cross again, will the old spark that is still present between them be enough to bring Maya out of her darkness and allow her to let Cam in again?

I have no claim over you. I really enjoyed this tumultuous second chance romance. There was plenty of passion and the connection between Maya and Cameron shone through everything else that was going down. Despite all of the hurdles they had to overcome, I never doubted that underneath it all they desperately loved one another. This was very impressive to me because there was very little backstory shown to us. Really the only time we see them before the breakup is the prologue, aside from that there are no flashbacks or anything, but their connection and love came across so strongly in those few pages that it was enough to set the stage for the entire rest of the novel.

Sure, I would have loved to have seen more of them in the beginning, like how they met and all that, but truly, the story did not hurt for not having any of that. You are worth it. What we had, saving any of it is worth it. I can see that now.

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I did love how protective Cameron was after he returned to her life. He may have come across as bossy and controlling at times, but his actions and words were always motivated by love and concern for Maya. And he was also struggling with reconciling this new version of Maya and the one he knew from five years ago. But I do think that she grew and matured quite a bit over the course of the book.

I think the slow progress was more believable than if she was suddenly put together after having spent the last five years floundering. It was easy to fall in love with Cameron, he clearly regretted the way things were left between them and he was beyond determined to make things right again. As much as it affected her and the decisions she made, especially with regards to Cameron when they were younger, I felt like the whole storyline was downplayed a bit.

I think it would have been a bit more impactful if there had been a bit more of a focus on that aspect. Your heart may be broken, but I still want it. I have come to love the way Wild makes me feel. I'm mean seriously she makes me pissed, happy, sad, and just plain ole emotional. It's great. I read to escape my hectic crazy life, and to escape to something so…. I love how Wild doesn't do the romance where it's well just plain cookie cutter I guess you can say. You know the kind where boy meets girl and they fall in love and live happily ever after.

Yes, there is a boy and a girl…but it's not all perfect.

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It's real, and beyond believable. It makes you feel so damn much for these characters. Your rooting that things will work out, yet at the same time wondering what would happen if it didn't. There is drama, there is angst, there is heartache. It's truly remarkable, and to be honest I can't get enough of her writing. Her descriptions are so realistic! Not to mention the sex scenes are soooo fucking hot! I mean they make me all hot and bothered.

That's saying a lot, because a lot of writers out there make the sex scenes seem so damn unrealistic and it will have you wanting to browse over every last one of them. Not with these. I would actually savor them, and read over again. I'm kind of a perv, so just excuse that part HAHA. I just honestly have nothing bad to say. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop. Everything is smooth, and blends in perfectly. You will loose track of time.

I have several alarms that go off during the day, and to be honest I would snooze them…or cut them off and continue to read. Totally forgetting what I was suppose to be doing. I'm even kinda sad to say my son had to walk home from the bus stop by himself because I was too engrossed in the book. Just goes to show it's amazing. God I don't even know where to begin with this man. First i'll start off by saying that he reminds me of my husband. Which made me of course swoon even more over this man. My husband is military…served his time in afghanistan. Seen things that I'm sure he wishes he hasn't wanted to see.

Done things he had to do to stay alive. Come home and tried to pick up the pieces with me and our kids. It's not easy to come back after 11 months and think things are going to be perfect. It takes getting use to, and it's kinda the same with Cam. He came home after serving his time, and tried to start his life over. Something was just always missing. The woman he left behind 5 years earlier. Not to mention my husband is a gym rat and has so much muscle I don't even know what to do with it all. I felt a lot for this couple. To be honest Maya comes with a past, one that she kept from Cam.

We all have a past. Hers is so sad. I too have my own past. When I told my husband about everything…lets just say he wasn't too happy. You could see the man wanted to punch through a wall, hell even punch the people that have hurt me. It was sad, yet at the same time heartwarming for me to see, because it showed me how much he loves me. He shows me everyday that he will do anything to protect me and our family. That's exactly what Cam does for Maya. He wants to do nothing but protect her, yet at the same time she needs to let him in for that to be possible.

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When Maya does let him in, it's like an eye opener. All the questions he had are answered, and he's finally able to understand who she is a person. Even though she's still trying to figure out who she is herself. She's lived her life trying to achieve so much, to make a better life for herself and her mom.

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However it's like no matter what she does it's never good enough. My heart broke for her. Yes, I had my moments where I wanted to smack some sense into her and say, "Wake up, you have a great man in front of you, one of these days he might not be waiting for you. God…See I just can't stop raving about how great it is. I'm starting to write my own book hahaha. So let me wrap this up. It's a read I would highly recommend.

So, if your looking for a great book to dive into over the weekend then this is the one for you. I wouldn't recommend starting before bed, because you'll be a zombie in the morning from you staying up all night to read. You won't want to put it down. Thank you Wild for another amazing read. You never disappoint. I look forward to reading more from you in the upcoming future. This was an okay read me for me. It had potential to be more, but I was a bit disappointed. This is Maya and Cameron's story.

Five years ago, Cameron, on leave from the military, proposed to his girlfriend Maya and she refused. Kimball was ordained and set apart as President of the Church on 30 December President Kimball was a dynamic leader with great vision, presiding over an unprecedented expansion in both missionary work and Church membership. He died on 5 November This is an excerpt from his first general conference address, delivered on 1 October This is the great day of my life. I have seen hands raised many times in my life, but never have they meant quite so much as they meant today when you raised your hands to sustain and support me.

I feel extremely humble in this calling that has come to me. Many people have asked me if I was surprised when it came. That, of course, is a very weak word for this experience. I was completely bewildered and shocked. I did have a premonition that this call was coming, but very brief, however. On the 8th of July, when President [J. Reuben] Clark called me, I was electrified with a strong presentiment that something of this kind was going to happen.

I had had many calls from Salt Lake City. The Brethren have just called you to fill one of the vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Like a bolt of lightning it came. I did a great deal of thinking in the brief moments that I was on the wire. There were quite a number of things said about disposing of my business, moving to headquarters, and other things to be expected of me. It seemed that I could see all of the people before me whom I had injured, or who had fancied that I had injured them, or to whom I had given offense, and all the small petty things of my life.

My heart pounded fiercely. I recall two or three years ago, when Brother [Harold B. I think I now know something about the experience he had. I have been going through it for 12 weeks. I believe the Brethren were very kind to me in announcing my appointment when they did so that I might make the necessary adjustments in my business affairs, but perhaps they were more inspired to give me the time that I needed of a long period of purification, for in those long days and weeks I did a great deal of thinking and praying, and fasting and praying. You are not worthy. Eighty-five times, the breaking of the day has found me on my knees praying to the Lord to help me and strengthen me and make me equal to this great responsibility that has come to me.

I have not sought positions nor have I been ambitious. Promotions have continued to come faster than I felt I was prepared for them. I remember when I was called to be a counselor in the stake presidency.

I was in my 20s. President [Heber J. I was the stake clerk.