Once Upon a Time in War: The 99th Division in World War II (Campaigns and Commanders Series)

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Tuesday, December 19th, Along the Ardennes line, US forces reform into intense defensive lines and some forces eventually mount counter attacks against the invading Germans. Tuesday, December 19th, The town of Stavelot is recaptured by the Allies. Tuesday, December 19th, Allied generals agree to commit elements of the Saar Front against the southern flanks of the German advance, this in the area between Bastogne and Echternach. Wednesday, December 20th, British General Montgomery is charged with heading up the progress along the north line of defense while American General Bradley is given command of the south.

Friday, December 22nd, As the German advance continues, supply lines are stretched to the limit and flanks become over exposed prompting German General Rundstedt to ask Hitler to halt the advance - Hitler refuses. Saturday, December 23rd, The foul weather over the Ardennes begins to clear.

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  3. Battle of the Bulge - WW2 Timeline (December 16th, 1944 - January 25th, 1945).

Saturday, December 23rd, 2, Allied air sorties are launched in improving skies against the Germans on the ground. Saturday, December 23rd, Supplies are dropped from Allied transport planes to the beleagured forces held up at Bastogne. Saturday, December 23rd, Allied ground attack fighters target and destroy German ground vehicles and troop concentrations. Without air support of their own, there is little that the Germans can do in response. Monday, December 25th, After achieving 60 miles of territory - the farthest march of the German Ardennes Offensive - the 2nd Panzer Division under Lieutenant-General von Lauchert is stopped by a combined force of British and American armor made up of the British 29th Armored Brigade and the American 2nd Armored Division.

Monday, December 25th, German losses on Christmas Day include 3, infantrymen and vehicles, 81 of these being tanks. Tuesday, December 26th, The American 4th Armored Division makes its way to the beleagured st Airborne forces at Bastogne and the situation at the village is stabilized. Thursday, December 28th, Hitler orders a halt to the advance - but no retreat - leaving his exposed and tired units at the mercy of the replenished Allied forces across the Ardennes Front.

Monday, January 1st, Weeks of fighting see German forces destroyed, taken prisoner or sent packing as the Allies regroup and respond. Wednesday, February 7th, By this date, all of the German gains of the Ardennes Offensive have been erased.

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Wednesday, February 7th, The German loss of life is a staggering 82, men, matched only by the 77, casualties suffered by the American Army. World War 2 Events Chronological Order. Invasion of Poland Battle of the River Plate Battle of the Atlantic Winter War Invasion of Norway Invasion of France RAF Bombing Campaign Dunkirk Battle of Britain Operation Compass Invasion of the Balkans Operation Judgement Gazala to Tobruk Sinking of the Bismarck Invasion of Crete Operation Barbarossa Soviet Offensive Arctic Convoys Siege of Leningrad Battle of Sevastopol Pearl Harbor Japanese Expansion Battle of the Solomons Battle of Kharkov Battle of Coral Sea After the 6th Division had taken Verroia and formed a river crossing beachhead on the other side of the River Haliacmon, the 2nd Panzer Division crossed, taking Katerini on 14 April.

Corporal Henderson relays to Miller that the half-track was a recon unit of the 2nd SS Panzer Division, aware that a German move on the village is inevitable. Nobody massacres villages for fun and giggles, guys. The Hitlerjugend was unique because the majority of its junior enlisted men were drawn from members of the Hitler Youth, while the senior NCOs and officers were generally veterans of the Eastern Front.

It was one of the thirty-eight divisions fielded by the Waffen-SS. The Historic Iron Cross. You also have access to the battle order of these units.

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  • It has been accepted for inclusion in Canadian Military History by an authorized administrator of Scholars Commons Laurier. Any hierarchy of unit within Corps within Army within Army Group is inherently a snapshot of a single moment in that flux. Small SMG assault squads are also available for local counter-attacks.

    He was also told that the 21st Panzer Division had been ordered to form up on his right flank. SS Panzer-Division Hitlerjugend THE To quote the author: This is the order of battle of German and Allied forces during the Battle of the Bulge. Das Reich pushed upwards of 40 miles into the southern sector of the bulge, but was pulled out of the battle along with the other SS-Division when the offensive was called off. Division was ordered to compact its battle order north of Lucki, while its frontline orientation remained to the east. The 1st and 2nd Battalions were standard mm howitzer battalions of two batteries each.

    Panzer Division is a member of the Tactical Studies Group TSG , a non-political organization intended solely for the purpose of public education, and personal recreation. Panzer-Division The 2nd Panzer Division. The 1. I have included a brief article on German conversions of French vehicles at the end of this order of battle.

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    By the middle of the month, the Russians were at the Polish border and Hitler order four of his Panzer Divisions to the eastern front. A destroyed Soviet T tank in This order of battle shows what remained "on paper" of the German armies that fought in Hungary and Austria.


    The setting is the Third Battle of Kharkov, which was really a series of battles launched by the Wehrmacht beginning on February 19, , to take advantage of the fact that the Red Army had exhausted much of its strength and overrun its lines of supply The division next moved miles May 1 — 3 to the German-Czech border near Schonsee and Waldmungen where it relieved the 97th and 99th Infantry Divisions.

    Watching the Canadian advance unfold from the tower of Ardenne Abbey, he could see an opportunity opening in front of him.

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    The first action they were involved in was the defence of Carpiquet village and aerodrome in what was known to the Allies as Operation Windsor. I've started to look for a suitable company. After his basictrainings he was transferred at to 1. The battle began on July 4, and it ended on August 23, Mitcham Jr. Its Panzer Regiment 2nd SS Panzer collected 20 Knight's Crosses and 17 German Cross in Gold during weeks of combat, destroying 1, tanks and assault guns, for the loss of panzers.

    See more ideas about World war two, World war ii and German army. Cumulatively, more high award-winners served in its ranks than any other division in the Waffen-SS. This is the order of battle of German and Allied forces during the Battle of the Bulge. Flak Pannerden SS Panzer Caveat : This Battle lasted more than a month, with assignments in considerable flux. In early November, the division was ordered back to the Eastern Front, arriving in the Zhitomir area in mid November. Email this Article They say that every picture tells a story.

    Once Upon a Time in War: The 99th Division in World War II

    The two main forces were the Soviet Union and Germany. Different sources list both types. We are W. The 1st SS Panzer division was organized into four specialized kampfgruppes for this battle, each named for its commander, and they are presented as European Theater of Operations In cooperation with Richard Anderson.