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That alone would be a great book but there is much more. There is a love story and mystery woven through the story, and add art and poetry to that and you have this incredible book. At the beginning of the story we are introduced to Kya, a 6 year old little girl who has already been traumatized for life. Her mother leaves her father and the five children and never returns. Then slowly throughout some years her older siblings leave and then finally her brother whom she was very close to and her drunken father. They leave her completely alone in their falling down shack, no provisions and barely any clothing.

She was only 14, she was completely alone and had no idea how to survive, but somehow she does. She learns to fish, cook and clean just by remembering how it used to be. Barkley Cove, where she goes for groceries and gas has a store that is run by an extremely kind and generous couple who have lived on the marsh their entire life.

She exchanges mussels and then smoked fish for gas for her motor and a few groceries. Mabel gives her used books, shoes, anything that she can get donated. They were her only friends. Kya has two real love relationships in the book.

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Tate she has known all of her life but now that she is older she views him differently, she begins to feel real love. He teaches her how to read which opens up the world to her. He is in her life for quite a few years and she seems happy, her life is good.

She loves the marsh and all that inhabit it. She collects many things and categorizes them.

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From the books Tate brings her she learns biology, math, how things grow and change and she is fascinated by the marsh. The author describes the marshland so well I felt myself transported there, felt the humid air, the squashing feel when I walked and encountering all of the creatures described in this book.

She shares things with Chase, a boy from town who tells her he loves her, talks about a future. But everyone always leaves Kya. Oh my gosh this review is too long and there is so much more to say. There is beautiful poetry and paintings that I felt I could see. Read this book, you will be wonderfully surprised, entranced and feel great about a book again.


View all 53 comments. Putnam's Sons publication. One part mystery, one part legal drama, one part coming of age story, and one part love story- equals a full heartrending poignant tale that will leave you gasping for air. As time moves on, however, despite a deepening affection for Kya, Tate knows he'll have to leave, and go away to college. Kya will face a challenge like no other, and her fate will rest in the hands of the residents of Barkley Cove, with folks who have taunted her, shunned her, and judged her, her entire life.

Yet, with more and more high praise pouring in and one stellar review after another posted by readers, I began to regret my decision to pass on this one. So, obviously, I succumbed, and checked it out of the library. While the story certainly drives home the cause and effects of abandonment and the cycles of domestic abuse and violence, this is also a very tender coming of age tale, a story of survival, but also a story of real friendship, true love, and what it means to truly feel free. Kya suffers a great deal of heartbreak, even from unexpected sources, but seems to have resigned herself to a way of life she believes is really her only true option.

The author does a fantastic job with the ecological descriptions and drawing the reader into the beauty Kya sees in her environment. There are layers of thought -provoking topics, and a stunning revelation that knocked my breath out, but for those who are sticklers for realistic fiction, this one stretches the boundaries of plausibility in many places.

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

However, you should allow yourself to go along with it, because that is part of the beauty of fiction, and it is well worth any required suspension of belief. Ultimately, I was exceedingly glad I gave this book a try. It was everything I knew it would be, but it was a lot more than I anticipated. As a fan of courtroom drama, I enjoyed the trial scenes, and the mystery elements, but of course it is Kya who stole my heart and made me feel envious for to the kind of freedom and way of life she willingly sacrificed so much to maintain. Jan 09, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: bestof , book-clubs.

The writing grabbed me from literally the first page and kept me entranced. And the story! How can your heart not help but ache for Kya? Left to her own devices by the entire town, she survives without schooling or any aid. The marsh is a character in its own right. Owens does a magnificent job describing it so that we feel we are there, seeing every plant, bird and insect along with Kya. Owens paints the surroundings just like Kya paints, with a fine brush intent on getting every detail right. There are so many heartbreaking moments in this book. The murder mystery was very well done and I had no clue how it would play out.

The suspense was killing me. So, this is my first five star book of It has everything - beautiful writing, great characters and suspense.

Where the Crawdads Sing

Highly recommend it! View all 47 comments. Kya ran to the porch, watching her mother walking down the sandy lane in her fake alligator skin heels, her only going out pair, holding a blue train case. She never wore those heels and she never carried a case. That was the last time Kya saw her Ma. There has been fights before and Ma has left several times but she always came back.

Over the next few weeks, Kya's oldest brother and two sisters left too. They were tired of Pa's red faced rages, which started out as shouts, then escalated into f Kya ran to the porch, watching her mother walking down the sandy lane in her fake alligator skin heels, her only going out pair, holding a blue train case. They were tired of Pa's red faced rages, which started out as shouts, then escalated into fist slugs or backhanded punches. His weekly disability checks were their only income. Her Pa eventually left her too at a very young age and Kya was all by herself. She lived in the marsh all by herself.

She went to school once but she was teased and never went back. Steve and Benji saw a body laying in the mud. A man was laying flat on his back. Benji noticed it was Chase Andrews. They ride their bikes fast to the Sheriff's office. They let the sheriff know that they saw Chase Andrews flat out in the swamp under the fire tower.

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They let him know that he looked dead. The sheriff and the Dr. None going toward the stairs or away from the stairs, none around the body and Chase Andrews footprints weren t there either. No footprints were found anywhere. This then turns into a murder mystery. I just loved the setting of this book, in the marsh. I loved the atmosphere and just felt that I was there. The descriptions of the environment, the scenery and nature was just beautiful.

I am a bird watcher and loved her descriptions of the birds feathers. I also loved the mystery and suspense also. I really loved her writing style. Her writing was so beautuful. I just wanted to savor it. This was an easy five star rating for me. It just Wowed me. I loved the characters. I loved Kya the best. I loved Tate too, who taught Kya how to read and other subjects. I loved the poetry. I loved Jumpin and Mabel who were heroes. I could go on and on about this book but I could never give it the justice it deserves.

One of my favorites for ? This was a Traveling Friends read and I thought it was a fantastic discussion. I loved reading this with them. I want to thank Edelweiss, G. Putnam's Sons, and Delia Owens for the copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Dec 27, Paromjit rated it it was amazing Shelves: literary-fiction , netgalley. This is an incredibly beautiful novel from Delia Owens, totally immersive, an ode to the natural environment and the marshes in particular.

Catherine Danielle Clark, aka Kya, is 6 years old when her mother leaves their shack in the remote wilderness of the North Carolina coastal marshes, next to the town of Barkley Cove. Her family is desperately poor, and before long her siblings follow suit, abandoning her to the care of her alcoholic, neglectful and abusive father, and at 14 years old, he too This is an incredibly beautiful novel from Delia Owens, totally immersive, an ode to the natural environment and the marshes in particular. Her family is desperately poor, and before long her siblings follow suit, abandoning her to the care of her alcoholic, neglectful and abusive father, and at 14 years old, he too leaves her for good.

Completely isolated, school proves to be a tortuous experience, she stays for only one day, avoiding all attempts by the truant officer and others to bring her back. Kya is the Wild Child, The Marsh Girl, Marsh Trash as far as the residents of Barkley Cove are concerned, directing hate, ridicule, contempt and hurtful prejudice at the bewildered Kya, as she becomes the target of harrassment and attacks, the community dehumanising and shunning her.

No-one other than the black Jumpin and his wife, Mabel, offer help or advice to the lonely girl, and they face a barrage of racist attacks and humiliation themselves. Unable to read and write, longing for the return of her mother, Kya desperately desires company, and to belong. For a while, she receives some sustenance in the form of Tate, who looks out for her, teaches her to read and write, and shares Kya's joy in the marsh world with its insects, wildlife, birds, weather and her untethered hold it has on her, collecting ever rare feathers and shells.

A close relationship develops between the two of them until he leaves to study marine biology at university. Tate leaving has the effect of chipping away at Kya's inner capacity to trust as she once again finds herself isolated, but her curiosity about the marshes, and her ability to paint all that resides within it, has her pursuing a deeper and more academic knowledge of it. However, she still wants to belong and her burgeoning sexuality and hopes for marriage and family are met with betrayal, treachery and worse.

In a narrative that goes back and forth in time from the s to the present of onwards, where the favoured son of Barkley Cove, the golden boy Chase Andrews is discovered dead by two boys, having fallen from a tower. Owen has written a captivating and mesmerising novel, unforgettable in its vibrant descriptions of the marsh location and the life within it.

Juxtaposed with that is the small town of Barkley Cove, indifferent at best, malicious and dangerous at its worst, with none of the spirit of compassion to support a young child forced to find ways to financially survive, emotionally bereft, finding comfort in poetry that lends weight to her inner feelings. Despite all the horrors and struggles she faces, she makes something of herself, something which Barkley Cove refuses to acknowledge.

Her profound sensitivity to nature, which proves to be the ultimate educator, shapes Kya's perception of the human behaviour she encounters. The marsh is where she belongs, it and all that it entails is home, everyone else has left her, leaving her exposed and vulnerable when she begins to feel fear.

It is barely surprising that when elements of her life begin to shift that she would be wary and distrusting, although buried parts of her harbour tiny sparks of hope. This is simply superb storytelling that winds it way into your heart as I rooted for Kya amidst the barrage of turbulence and heartbreak she endures.

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Amazing read. View all 43 comments. The writing is lovely, and the storytelling is brilliant.

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Barclay Cove is a quiet place along the North Carolina coast. The book begins with the story of Kya, a young girl whose mother walks out on the family, leaving the children to fend for themselves with an alcoholic father who is absent most of the time. She learns to care for herself at a young age because she has to. Kya is uneducated by choice and circumstance, though the town attempted to get her to attend at first. Even without schooling, she is sharp and caring, as she learns the ways of life through the marsh and all it has to teach her. When a young man of the same age is found dead, everyone in town assumes it must have been Kya, and fingers are pointed.

She has been involved with two young men who were entranced with her, but was Kya involved in the death of Chase Andrews? Where the Crawdads Sing is a glorious and equally somber coming of age story for Kya. Though she was called to a different life from the one she has always known, how much will her upbringing continue to control who she is? The writing is exquisite, the setting atmospheric on a grand scale, and Kya is a strong and unforgettable character I wanted to hug.

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Overall, I simply adored this book. The ending is memorable, and the messages are strong. Beautiful nature and a captivating story. Thank you to G. All opinions are my own. My reviews can also be found on my blog: www. View all 71 comments. So before I start off with my review there is something that I must confess to. Regardless of not connecting with the third person narrative I thought this story and the words written were absolutely beautiful though. And in the end after long discussions with my dear friend, Kris she helped me work out my feelings towards this book and come to a few realizations that were pivotal.

I am so happy to say that I was able to get that warm fuzzy feeling that I was so desperately seeking from this book. I was immediately drawn into this quiet and powerful story that revolves around the survival and resilience of an unforgettable young girl named Kya, abandoned at the age of 10 and growing up alone in the marsh. She had me laughing, smiling, crying, worried and rooting for her every step of the way. The descriptions of the marsh and everything that it entails pertains so meaningfully to this story.

Thank you friends! Title: Fits the story so well and love how it plays so meaningfully into the story. I also really enjoyed the few lines in the book that referred to the title. Plot: Entertaining, thought-provoking, captivating, steady-paced, held my attention and extremely enjoyable. Even though I had some reservations with the third person narrative it did not take away my enjoyment for the story.

Ending: Bittersweet, powerful, rewarding, and very satisfying. Overall: An outstanding, emotional, memorable, and heartfelt read! Would highly recommend! View all 66 comments. Sep 23, Kevin Kuhn rated it really liked it. Still, Owens' might be the best writer of the three, and is at her best describing the flora and fauna of the North Carolina wetlands. All three of the books are touted as debut novels which I guess technically is true , but Owens is already an award-winning and bestselling author of non-fiction wildlife books. The plot was rich, first with a dysfunctional family, then as a survival story, and finally as a murder whodunit.

I did like how the author interspersed the beginnings of the murder mystery component in the form of flash forwards, throughout the book, increasing the conflict and intrigue earlier into the book. And while the author left me enough clues to guess the ending, it was engaging until the end. My biggest issue was that the plot was largely predictable. The plot flowing along like a meandering river, not like the twists and turns and tributaries of a dense marsh.

Big picture, I enjoyed reading the story, never felt bored, but it was as much of the description of the setting and the major plot questions, then it was an emotional investment.

A descriptively written, and interestingly plotted story that transitions from a coming of age tale to a murder mystery. View all 28 comments. Jul 15, KAS rated it it was amazing. My words would fall short for the accolades this book deserves. Thanks, and much appreciation once again, to my local library for providing this audiobook. Truly mesmerizing!

View all 97 comments. Nov 26, Sara rated it it was ok Shelves: borrowed-from-library , romance , southern-lit , women-writers , american. I seem to be finding myself in the minority a lot these days. The first half of this book was pretty close to marvelous, and then it went south on me that is a pun. Anyway, after my attempt at weak humor, let me resume in a serious note to say I was expecting so much more than I got here. Kya is a mere ten years old in when she is deserted, albeit gradually, by all the members of her family and left to make it alone in the marsh country of North Carolina.

She forms a real attachment and un I seem to be finding myself in the minority a lot these days. She forms a real attachment and understanding of her environment, which would be a necessity to survive in such a place, and she mostly works that to her advantage. When a young man who was once a friend of her brother finds her alone and begins to offer some help and company, she learns to read and her life begins to take a turn toward something more than isolation and running barefoot through the woods. That part of the story was interesting to me.

I was interested in how she would survive, whether she would connect with the outside world, and of course how she would tie into the parallel story of the murder of a young man from the neighboring town. Then, in what seemed an abrupt change of tone, the story devolved into what I would deem chick lit. The plot became shallow and the author seemed to me to have lost the thread of her story and veered into another realm. I wanted it to, indeed I thought it was going to. Perhaps it is me. Since it is a group read, I am anxious to see what the other members of the group saw that perhaps I did not.

I had originally rated this a 3-star read, but after reflection I find that I strongly feel it was only "OK" and therefore I have revised the rating to 2-stars. I think I felt shy of giving it only 2 when so many of my respected friends had given it View all 60 comments. Fantastic narrator! Beautiful and sad! View all 26 comments. Feb 27, Beata rated it it was amazing. I'm so happy I read this novel at last! Jesus, and especially his disciples, employed these two processes of demonstration in perfect good faith.

For a long time, Jesus had been convinced that the prophets had written only in reference to him. This silence extended for four hundred years, and during that time God was hid from Israel's view. Throughout this period there were no angelic manifestations, no prophet spake for Jehovah, and, though the Chosen People were sorely pressed, yet were there no Divine interpositions on their behalf.

For four centuries God shut His people up to His written Word. Again and again had God … Arthur W. Pink— Why Four Gospels? Heb Jesus Christ is the sum and quintessence of the gospel; the wonder of angels; the joy and triumph of saints. The name of Christ is sweet, it is as music in the ear, honey in the mouth, and a cordial at the heart. I shall waive the context, and only speak of that which concerns our present purpose. Having discoursed of the covenant of grace, I shall speak now of the Mediator of the covenant, and the restorer of lapsed sinners, Jesus the Mediator … Thomas Watson— A Body of Divinity Against Jovinianus.

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