Tantra: The Mystic Sensual Journey (A Clinical Sexologist Explains the Art of Sacred Love)

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Thus I present a guide to gay sex infused with my perspectives from India and Tibetan culture. Thus it represents a much-needed source of healing and reintegration for a fragmented modern Western psy- che which has so long tended to sever the spiritual and sexual, the physical and transcendental planes: During sex it is possible to gain awareness of more profound levels of mind… The focus on the mind of clear light does not turn sexual acts into metaphors of reunion with the divine. Rather, ordinary sex is viewed as a basis for devel- opment into extraordinary insight.

The sky-experience of the mind of clear light stands behind the scintillating descriptions of erotic acts, beckoning the participant to taste reality. Both Tantra and homosexu- ality, many gay authors argue, have been known to humankind for millen- nia and can be found everywhere from ancient Greece to Native America. Tantra, American Style Tantric sexual techniques have been used in India for centuries. The basic idea involves using sexual energy to expand and explore. Anyone and everyone is capable of Tantric sex, all you need is patience and imagination… Sextasy is the orgasmic openness achieved in sexual communion.

As Diane Mariechild argues, Love between women can be a celebration of and an initiation into the female creative spirit… When we open to the great feminine, the holy space that is the foundation of the world, making love becomes sacred.

Consciousness, Kundalini Yoga & Body Development – Indic Mandala

Lesbians hold the form of woman power at its most profound. Many lesbians seek to identify ourselves from an inner source of woman wisdom … Woman loving woman can be an alchemical process which reaches into our very cells. Urban particularly in the Sado-masochist world. Accord- ing to some authors, it is a way to reach mystical states that far transcend ordinary physical pleasure.

They are capable of going up to much higher levels of ecstasy and prolonging it. You can go into an altered state with the sexual thing. Without sexual arousal it would be impossible to escape the human condition, but if we get stuck there, then it gets to be a limitation. If you push the ultimate, deny a physical orgasm, you are making constructive use of sexual energy. Tantra, American Style V. One might argue that html has emerged as the vernacular language of Tan- tra for the new millennium, a global language that transmits Tantric texts and images to all corners of the planet at the click of a mouse.

For many critics, the Internet is simply the latest example of the progressive loss of genu- ine human community in the face of mass culture, consumerism and an increasingly depersonalized, dehumanizing technocracy. Urban race. This medium originally designed for US military use is now one of the primary vehicles for the spread of a wide range of New Age and new religious movements. With its general anonymity and the possibility of logging on without any indication of gender or physical appearance, the Internet offers remarkable new possibilities for re-imagining the self.

Through the seemingly egalitarian medium of the Internet, they profess to offer a more accessible, non-elitist brand of Tantra, available to anyone regardless of status or education. See Bruce Lawrence. Rachel F. McDermott and Jeffrey J. Kripal Berkeley: University of California Press, , chapter Tantra, American Style the enormous variety of sexual fantasy scenarios offered in the media, over the phone, and on the Internet tells us that nowadays nothing is off limits… Using the information superhighway we can get on with finding out who we really are… what our sexual fantasies really are and how we want to live them out.

We can do this interactively and anonymously, irrespective of country bor- ders… In the years ahead, Tantra data on the information superhighway will lead spiritual travelers directly to their goal. American Tantra tm is a fresh eclectic weaving of sacred sexual philoso- phies drawn.. In American Tantra tm it is vital to embrace our sexuality… and celebrate it in every aspect of our daily life… [M] aking love is a galactic event!

We intend to co-create neo-tribal post-dysfunctional multi-dimensional sex and spirit positive loving and juicy generations of gods and goddesses in the flesh. By exploring our true spiritual potential as dynamic and creative sexual beings, we can rid ourselves of confining sex- or gender -negative conditioning. American Tantra tm is designed to enhance energetic states of intimate communication, passion and pleasure… for contemporary people who choose to expand the frequency of love and light in their lives.

Conclusions Primitive Passions in a Postmodern World I have a vision for the future where all the necessary sex education will be available for everyone… No one will ever go hungry for sex because there will be sex kitch- ens all over town serving sex instead of soup… We will learn how to use orgasm to cure disease as some of the ancient Tantrics and Taoists did. We will establish contact with extra-terrestrials and they will be very sexy.

The fascinating thing is to travel through it as though it were the primitive society of the future. In the process, Tantra has undergone a series of profound transformations. Urban of spirituality that seems remarkably well-suited to consumer culture at dawn of the new millennium. It is in precisely this sense that Tantra would seem to be the ideal reli- gion for American culture at the turn of the millennium — as the most radical and transgressive form of spirituality which violates every known taboo and oversteps every possible social restriction.

Creative nihilism. As Foucault observes, it may not be the case that we in the modern West have liberated sexual- ity in some radical way; but it does seem that we have intensified our discourse about sex, talking and arguing and fantasizing about it as an endless source of titillation.

For after all, what is there left to do after every taboo has been violated and every forbidden desire indulged? Tantra, American Style In this sense, much of the contemporary American fascination with Tantra is very similar to the contemporary fascination with the primitive, which Marianna Torgovnick has explored.

As Torgovnick suggests, the West has long defined itself against its Others — whether in the form of primitives, savages, or exotic Orientals. Yet the primitive has always held a deeply ambivalent Janus-faced role in the Western imagination — at once demonized and denigrated as backward, uncivilized, retarded or danger- ous, and yet also romantically celebrated as somehow more fully in tune with nature, the sacred and the mystical, ecstatic dimensions of experience. Hence as Torgovnick persuasively argues, this primitive, ecstatic and irra- tional dimension has, in some fundamental sense, always been a deep part of the Western imagination itself.

But the projection has never really worked. The time for denial seems long past. The recognition is overdue that primitivism is much more about us than about them. Sex, I would argue, is not in fact the central preoccupation of most Tantric texts, where secrecy and the acquisition of power are typically far more important. But sex is very much a contemporary American preoccupation, one that continues to drive us in our own primitive passion for the elusive ideal of bodily and spiritual ecstasy.

Selected Bibliography Anand, Margo. Los Angeles: Jeremy P. Avalon, Arthur. Baudrillard, Jean. London: Verso Urban Bernard, Pierre Arnold. Life: at the Clarkstown Country Club. Boswell, Charles. Brooks, Douglas. Albany: SUNY Carter, Lewis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Collins, Lynn. Das, Paul Ramana and Marilena Silbey. New York: Pocket, Featherstone, Mike. Consumer Culture and Postmodernism. London: Sage, Feuerstein, Georg. New York: Paragon House, Foucault, Michel. Religion and Culture, Jeremy R.

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New York: Routledge, Ginsberg, Allen. Indian Journals, March May San Francisco: City Lights Books, Goodman, Eckert. Gordon, James. New York: Viking, Harvey, David. The Condition of Postmodernity. London: Blackwell, Hopkins, Jeffrey. Sex, Orgasm and the Mind of Clear Light. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, Jameson, Fredric.

Durham: Duke University Press Love, Robert. McDermott, Rachel Fell. Berkeley: University of California Press, McLaren, Angus. Twentieth Century Sexuality: A History. London: Blackwell Milne, Hugh. Bhagwan: The God that Failed. New York: St. Mitchell J. Starting journalist work as early as her studies , she has worked for major press as well as audiovisual media in Slovak market.

She went on to study Master in International Relations at Thammasat University in Bangkok, where she extended her work to academic research and event projects. She is based in Bangkok. Sarah is a counselling psychologist and clinical sexologist, media consultant, loves being a trendsetter in the field of sexology and is a proud advocate for Sexual Integrity. Sarah has been writing opinion-editorials for various media, and contributes to psychosexual community education using her blogs and social media platforms.

Contact Sarah at info actionpsychology. Will also believes in providing knowledgeable information to readers and constantly motivates them to achieve their goals. He is also passionate about traveling, arts and discovers and writes for people. Rebecca L. Dewar is physically disabled from a car accident. Her physical disability is a high level spinal cord injury and she depends upon a ventilator to breathe. She is a licensed social worker in Pennsylvania. Rebecca has her master degrees in social work and human sexuality of which both degrees are clinically focused.

In the summer of , she began PhD level classes. Currently, she works at Community Interactions, Inc. Rebecca has spoken to college students in various disciplines of study social work, psychology, human sexuality, nursing, physical therapy on the topic of sexuality and quadriplegia. Sexuality and disability is her area of interest regarding research and practice within the fields of social work and human sexuality. A debaucherous sweetheart. Lifelong lover of alternative sexual practices, turned purveyor of the flesh. A believer in body, sex and fetish positivity, she practices what she preaches!

Everyone can be loved, and you can try to love everyone. Sayara St. Clair is an erotic romance author who writes intense, emotionally charged tales, featuring dominant alpha males who practice and love BDSM. Sayara has a Science Degree, majoring in Microbiology and Biochemistry. Working in both the fields of Serology and Tissue Banking, she got to do lots of cool and sometimes slightly weird stuff. And for a time, she taught English to students in Asia. She loves eighties music and is prone to spontaneous bouts of dancing. Two things occupy the top spot on the list of things Bryoney cares most about: food, and feminism.

The latter takes the form in a firm belief that like any man, a woman deserves the right to unapologetically seek the fulfillment of her needs first. The former takes the form in a near-obsession with cooking and day-to-day menu planning. Her interest in erotica began about eighteen months ago after discovering the site Booksiesilk. After encountering some excellent, many average and a lot of truly awful erotic stories on this site and on Literotica, earlier this year she decided to try her hand at writing her own.

After publishing three short stories on Booksiesilk, which received excellent comments, she decided to go the whole hog and write a book. Exploration is the end result. When she is not writing and reading erotica, she works in journalism and publishing. Her other interests include cinema in particular British and Irish independent film , music, literature and travel. I'm Arden Moon a career courtesan and industry adviser. When I'm not planning the next erotic adventure. I can be found enjoying my fitness routine, golf or writing. I've authored two books relating to the internet escorting industry.

Residing in the playground called Las Vegas. Life is a non stop party. You can catch me in a city near you as I tour the US in Designing beautiful lingerie for the past 15 years, gaining a huge popularity all over the world, fishbelly has won design awards and has been mentioned in countless press releases and lingerie books. Apart from their innovative designs, fishbelly uses only the best materials like high-quality laces and embroideries from Europe for our nearly handmade pieces, which is another factor for their success.

On 8th March , fishbelly announced the opening of their Soho flagship store in the stunning cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. For more enquiries, contact fishbelly at Tel. I speak English, Spanish and French, and am always on the hunt for new bulls. My cuckold is 39 years old and is locked in chastity. Stay naughty! Gem is a soldier in the Singapore Armed Forces.

Between hiding his sexuality and pretending to like Maria Ozawa, he desperately seeks his first boyfriend and wishes his butt were perkier. We are Evil Kitties, we are a bisexual couple She 35, he 25 of European decent and we started making amateur porn videos just a couple of months ago. We love anything kinky and we like to try out new things. We like to keep an open mind and have a lot of different fetishes. Author of a dozen novels and several hundred short stories, her work has appeared in anthologies published by Black Lace, Xcite, Mischief Books and Cleis Press, among others; she has also featured in the best-selling "Best Women's Erotica" series.

Model for www. Now working for herself and her Photography creating Unique and intimate Erotica Photography. Being very Sex positive and pushing for the "Free the Nipple" Movement. My name is Melody Minx and I am 24 years old. I am a webcam model and have been since I was 18, as well as like to create, play videogames and watch tv. I also enjoy exploring nature and experiencing new things!

Estelle Lucas is a 23 year old independent sex worker living in Melbourne. Besides offering quality fitted orifices she writes, passionately engages with sex work activism, collects tea, twitter rants, and cares for her two turtles. On most occasions you can find her doing whatever it is 23 year olds do nowadays. Pratibha Soni, an author, is passionate writer of health fitness and fashion trends. She has also researched extensively on health and fitness which is very useful in today's busy life. An insider of Japan's sex industry, introducing internal and actual secrets from a native perspective to the world.

I am an Exotic International Courtesan who specializes in Luxury dinner dates and travel companionship. I am also a Foodie, wine and fitness enthusiast. Josif Fidanovski has a B. He is a cognitive-behavioral therapist, psychosexual therapist, member of the European Federation of Sexology EFS and a representative of the Seksin association in Belgrade www. He runs a private practice, using psychosexual therapy as an integrative method to help clients improve intimacy with their partners, as well as their sexual functionality.

He is a regular contributor to the Plodnost Fertility clinic from Novi Banovci, where he has worked for 5 years with Dr. Sava Bojovic in diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction and has helped treat infertility. He was a regular guest of Dr. Bojovic on BN television on shows about contemporary education and communication in sex for the duration of 6 months. He participates and speaks at national and international congresses on psychotherapy, sexuality and fertility.

Amy Taylor is a native Californian. I am Staci, an independent escort from Portland, Oregon.

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But I like to think of myself as more of a no-strings girlfriend. I grew up in a conservative read: sexually repressed small town environment. I moved to the city, found my sexuality and never looked back! Follow my links below! Cheyenne is a full-time college student, writer and tree hugger. She can be found at various open mics, poetry slams, libraries and nature places in Singapore at different times of the day. If you can't find her, she is probably making fun of her best friend's patented 'straight boy shimmy'. She will also hold your hand if you are cute.

Her musings can be found at storyofcheyenne. The last couple of years her blog has gained a lot of attention for revealing the person behind the persona. I have over 10 years of experience in the BDSM lifestyle. I can be sadistic and sensual, rough and playful, filthy and pristine. My BDSM palate is eclectic. I thrive on variety, thrills, and energy exchange. Josie is an artist and writer who spent her formative years traversing peripheries of the world and moving around South East Asia. Her international background has given her a uniquely cosmopolitan perspective on sex.

She wants to start a dialogue on modern dating, the cultivation of healthy relationships, and how feminism makes sex better. Addison is a woman of sensuality, curiosity and pleasure. She loves giving pleasure as much as she loves receiving it. Educated in a variety of faculty's, when she's not at work, she is continuing her art practice along with her passion for music. SlutWalk Singapore proudly takes a stand against sexual violence and the bully tactics of victim-blaming, as we are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by our sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result.

Born and raised as the girl he was not, he struggled with anger, depression and social difficulties that interfered with his ability to use his intelligence for anything productive. Today, Jack is pursuing his Masters in mental health counseling at the New School in New York City while earning a living as a freelance writer and life coach for young adults and their families.

His mission is to help young people overcome self-destructive and self-defeating behaviors, raise their self-esteem and take pride in who they are. He has a special interest in working with LGBT young people and their families as well as with young people who are dealing with drug and alcohol abuse or self-harming behaviors. I have been a webcam model for what will be 5 years in May of this year and a Pro Domme for 7 years as of August 6th of this year.

I am a 5 time award nominated model. I am most happy when I am laughing on cam with my crazy cam family; stop by and join the madness! Simone Loren is an independent Toronto escort who caters to men, women and couples. University educated, world travelled, and with a classic beauty reminiscent of past-era movie starlets, she boasts a uniquely well-rounded sensuality. Over the years, my tastes in art have matured, but my enthusiasm for the sight of an inviting lap and the thrill of being hauled over it has been one of the few constants in life.

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Elton Andersyn is a pansexual middle-aged married male with a penchant for all things sexual. Having been a sex blogger for the past decade, he relishes in exploring a range of topics so wide as to make his views and interests difficult to peg. His self-applied nickname, The Erotic Rogue, winks at his irreverent approach to writing about established sexual paradigms in often outlandish and controversial manners.

I'm Leijla Foss: your smart siren, cunning companion, talented tease, curious concubine, passionate paramour and darling date. I offer the best of sweet and exciting. Let me be your sweet escape and satisfy every need, wish and fantasy. When asked to describe himself, Timmy finds it hard to do so.

In any case, he likens himself to a ball of sunshine and awesomeness, extolling what the Spice Girls have always sang - "all you need is positivity! Just another passionate geek feeding my insatiable appetites. There is nothing more interesting in the world besides fascinating people, and a good book. Now I can guess many of you are yawning while reading this, so what's so different, why write for SimplySxy? Well I am GAY and openly gay.

And secretly behind closed doors, there are many gay clergy and brothers who are still in the closet. I do have a habbit but only to be worn on special days such as Christmas, Easter, etc and Franciscan Sts days St Francis 4th October our founder St Clare 1th August both from Assisi; but I can also be buried in the habbit on my death. So that's a little about me, I hope that wets your Adams apples, yes even the transgender people ;-.

Mr Ping is made up of a quarter pound of complex disgruntled paper warrior by day and a pinch of semi-closeted gay dude by night. Though reaching his thirties, he enjoys fast-paced dancing classes as much as sitting down to quietly observing others with an accompanying cup of coffee. Without much ambition in life, he hopes only to live his life the way he wants it to be. I am a full time student, most of the time athlete, sometimes porn actress, and always a dinosaur.

While terrorizing unsuspecting scientists in a theme park is my favorite past time, I also find time to pursue extreme sports and edgy BDSM. I am an adrenaline junky through and through. Chasey Devil is a curvy, cheeky Mediterranean private escort with a passion for life, adventure and exploration. Colin Tan is a jack of all trades, but master of one. Give him a problem related to relationships, dating or women, and he will come up with an optimal solution.

He prides himself on the body of knowledge he has accumulated over the years, and always takes the most cutting-edge and innovative to improving the dating lives of men. He recently launched, together with his team, datingcoachsingapore. He used to hope to change the world one man at a time, but now thinks he can do more. I'm a 35 year old cycle mechanic, living in London England, with my female life partner, we've been together 7 years but known each other for nearly We have been playing with male orgasm denial on and off for about 4 years and have found that it enhances our love life immensely.

I'm a visual artist by aspiration and admire all practices of creativity. Danni Dawson is a BBW adult film actress and cam model. While she began her career solely on cam sites, she decided to embark on a career in adult film, and has performed in a number of hard-core scenes. Danni also enjoys writing erotica, and has previously written erotic short stories under a different pen name. She lives in Los Angeles, and enjoys living a polyamorous lifestyle with her partners.

I am Japanese Dominatrix Amrita. I offer pure BDSM sessions, do not offer sexual service and nudity. One of my speciality is Japanese rope bondage; it's called 'Shibari' in Japanese. I often include Shibari in my sessions, it is used to immobilize the subs and it enhances sensitivity and excitement of them, so it is effective method for BDSM sessions.

I am based in Europe, and travel around the world. If you are interested in requesting my service Rope bondage workshop, Performance, Session , you can contact me by email. I have been in the industry for about 3 years now, and regularly shoot with the top companies in my niche. I am elated to be at the top of the nominations in and renominated again for the awards. Those who know me would say I am the hardest working model in our niche.

My goal is to help other models in my niche, through industry education, personal advice and a weight acceptance campaign. Naafa's goal "is to help build a society in which people of every size are accepted with dignity and equality in all aspects of life. Kristin worked many years as a critical care nurse before turning her attention to writing.

As an aspiring writer, her interests are vast. Currently she is working on a Rock and Roll romance with a psychological twist, all the while raising two teenage daughters in the Panhandle of Texas. Sam is a European clinical sexologist MSc , hailing from Belgium. Elisabeth — Herentals. To further expand the care he can provide his clients, Sam is currently working towards a certification as solution focused Psychotherapist. I am Mia Li, the new adorkable Asian pornstar.

My career started in June At the onset, I was primarily a cam girl and through that I started shooting porn. I love shooting both fetish and mainstream porn because of the variety both genres offer. She started dating her husband at the young age of They lived together while she attended college and often even worked at the same job. After they were married, they spent all of their free time traveling with a particular love of France. They are a devoted couple who only recently opened their marriage to new sexual experiences. She will soon release the three books together as "The mrs Sexy Chronicles.

Harry is a basketball enthusiast deeply interested in human sexuality and the inner workings of the human mind. During his younger years, he dedicated himself in understanding the psychology behind human attraction and sex. He spent a year coaching male students who were struggling in the field of romance because of faulty ideologies subtly fed by popular media and other sources. Currently, he is pursuing his Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, hoping to one day make a living by making other lives better.

I'm an anonymous writer who spills my thoughts onto an online journal that is a story of courage, freedom, and the journey to finding the truth in your own light. The journal is a cathartic documentation of my growth and emotions as I go through life in search of my own answers. Gavin Everard is an activist, acupuncturist, and poet. He enjoys long walks by the river, playing with his cat, and reading Victorian romance novels. Zoe Jaspers has been writing about sex, porn, and the world of escorting for nearly two years, and she still continues to enjoy writing about all of those topics, along with her sexual encounters.

Even though she is informative in her written work, she likes to include a bit of humour in it too, because she believes that sex can be both fun and funny. Stephen is a part-time writer who works in Finance by day but fancies himself a keen and insightful commentator about sex and everything related to it by night.

Miss Erin Marie grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. She moved to Las Vegas right after high school in and then moved to Southern California in She has been a Professional Dominatrix since fall of and has been involved with the leather and BDSM community since March of She also does travel and you can check her schedule on her website.

My name is Julia and I am married to DH. We have been married since I was 18 years old. Ten years into our marriage, we started incorporating something new into our relationship: I gave my submission to my husband in exchange for his leading and dominance, especially in the bedroom.

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Zoe Maria is an associate editor at Adult Toy Empire — an online adult toys store, catering to all tastes and fetishes, all preferences! Zoe will introduce you to very popular types of sex toys that are guaranteed to spice up your life, or just add some much needed excitement to the bedroom! My husband, Peter Stone, and I were teenage lovers in the s, but lost contact. When Fifty Shades was published we realised that sexually explicit novels no longer carried the stigma they once did, so we decided to create pseudonyms and write about our lives.. During the interregnum I had 25 partners and Peter over Naturally we have had to change names and some locations to protect our partners.

We have also had to invent missing dialogue and apply some authors' license to make the stories more readable, but essence of each story is true. For more information you can visit our website, our blog and 'friend' Angela on her facebook page. See links in the icons below. I got into the Adult Industry with a goal to make intense content while redefining the Male Dom and male sub genres.

I travel the country and abroad making fantasies a reality for my customers. While teaching safety and technique to those who want to learn. My name is Alana Cruise I have been a webcam model since I began porn in and I love every minute of it. I am a very horny woman who loves seducing younger men, having sex with women, and all kinds of kinkery.

If you would like to play with me, you must know that I am a strict mistress. I will control your mind, body, and wallet. Enter the world of findom with me as your mistress. Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora's Cave Publishing. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters.

Annie Fox can be your real girl in this fake world or she can be your best friends…with benefits! I am porn male performer and director. And personal and private life, I'm a person who loves to play and discover new sensations with much morbid and passion and much fetishes. Pippa is a 29yr old tattooed glamour model from Essex, United Kingdom. Her website, twitter and instagram can be seen at the links below!

I have been online and gaining popularity since I debuted as an erotic glamour model in late I am the 1 downloaded plumper on the internet. Inside my official site, you will see fetish content, girl on girl sex, XXX scenes and so much more! Adult performer and producer based in the Netherlands. Now I'm gonna made some trips all over Europe and I'm always available around the world to make some great shots!

I run company called Consensual Roughness and I'm just trying to save the world one spanking at a time. Wanna be a part of the revolution? Shoot me an email at consensualroughness gmail. I am an unparalleled sensual playmate and a travel companion. I based in Albany, NY but I travel often. I enjoy living my life to the fullest freely and unapologetically. I enjoy traveling and meeting discerning gentleman who appreciate exquisite and authenticity companionship.

To best describe myself beyond a single mother of two, I am a former small town girl who has always know life is a journey and to enjoy each little step along the way. In many ways I am like everyone else. I work, I raise my kids, I spend time with friends and overall I take on each challenge life throws my way the best way I know how at the time. On that note, I am also unique from the majority in that I believe in being open, honest, and direct with myself. That is most likely my strongest appeal. Everyone has a story and as I share mine to others, I enjoy even more hearing the story of others.

Particularly I look forward to sharing my sexual journey as from the moment of inception it has been quite a ride no pun intended. Mistress Winter is 23 year old financial dominatrix and cam model from the UK. A recent university graduate with a degree in a science related subject under her belt, her main interests are now animals, gaming, money, photography, reading and tea. I live a positive life, possess a positive mind, and create positive vibes. I am fearless to say that I am in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. I want to be the first thing you touch in the morning and the last taste of ecstasy that you have at night.

I present a highly sensual, supremely confident, and alluring experience -- offering endless pleasures and a chance for adventures. Tegan is a 24 year old companion, born and raised in Toronto. She is fetish-friendly and enjoys the company of couples, as well as embraces clients of all gender identities, and ethnicities of those who are aged 18 and older. She prefers a more intimate approach to her work, and therefore, likes seeing people for longer arrangements, where she can really get to know them and connect with them on a deeper level.

She is also available for social dates, and loves trying new fushion cuisines, as well as going out to see comedy and drag performances. She's the perfect partner in crime for a night on the town! He has many years experience in working with women. He has a particular interest in BDSM. He is a gentle and caring man, who enjoys working with both females, males, trans and couples who wish to explore their own sexuality.

Whilst he has an interest in BDSM, he can be incredibly vanilla. Being a man in his 40s he understands where people are in their own lives whether it be beginners in their 20s to 30s or parents in their 40, 50s or 60s. As a seasoned practitioner, he is well equipped to work with people of all ages and genders.

I am a 30 something year old Adelaide based escort who is happy to travel upon arrangement. I provide a sensual, fun, intimate girlfriend experience with a kinky twist. I am deeply attracted to an intelligent mind and people who are passionate about life. I love working with clients who are new, shy, have had issues with sex and those who just love to indulge in pleasure.

Take me out for dinner and let me explore your deepest fantasies. My name is Isabell, to the outside world im a 31 year old Sales Rep from England, but behind closed doors I sell my used panties, photo sets and videos as well as a wide variety of more unusual fetish items. I have recently designed my own website which I will continue to improve in the coming months in order to make the whole buying process as simple and straight forward for my clients as possible.

Professional princess from Cleveland, OH. It's my way or the highway and youll do what I say with a smile on your face. I'm a submissive creature with dominant tendencies, I will try and take control until I am put in my place. Get to know the woman behind the smile. Your fantasy is my pleasure, come be my VIP. I enjoy getting to know people, am quirky, and love to laugh. I believe sex is natural, an adventure, and something everyone deserves to experience, to enjoy, and to explore.

Whether it be through companionship as a courtesan, or through my erotic films, I like to share this exploration and adventure with others. Some might consider it my mission. After being expelled from college for making a sex tape that went viral, he tried his hands at a wide range of careers, including starting his own software business and political fundraising, before getting into the pornography industry. This is Ivy de Luna, a feminist X performer who began her career one year ago. I want to make the kind of scenes I'd like to see on the screen.

I love having sex with other women, trans, and non-binary people. Cashanda F. Eleby, M. She received her M. Cashanda is also a toy consultant, who enjoys coordinating adult parties and teaching adults how to experience sexual pleasure. I enjoy selling my dirty usedpanties to people who will enjoy them.

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She has worked with the LGBT community for the last 8 years, providing direct clinical services, conducting trainings on sexual diversity in clinical practice, and assisting with progressive curriculum changes in both academic and clinical settings. Anthony's Foundation. Book early to assure your place. Once the beds are filled. Sleeping Bag Dormitory In the gorgeous circular group room downstairs, panoramic views.

Off-Site Accommodation A list of possibilities is available upon request. The Red Tent. Women's Sacred Sexuality. October 21st. Sitting in circle within The Red Tent, they are relieved of their daily responsibilities and cared for by other women. All working and doing aside, together they explore the secrets of the cosmos through the gateway of their wombs. They feed their femininity and emerge refreshed, renewed and empowered by what they have shared and witnessed.

Sisters, it is time to gather together again. We will gather together to dream a potent dream of womanhood. We will be fed by the rich stores of nature; nourished by the fullness of our life's journey. You'll enter a womb-like Tantric environment designed to soothe your body, heart and spirit, revealing the beauty and sweetness of your essential nature. You'll learn and experience sacred sexuality practices that rejuvenate, enliven and clear your body, heart and spirit. You'll be cradled in comfort and stillness, nothing to do, nothing to achieve or take care of.

Time to rest and restore. You'll be nurtured, just by being in a 'tent', lying on the ground, surrounded by woman bodies, fed simple organic treats, You'll emerge refreshed and renewed. Savory soups, vibrant greens. Aphrodisiacs and elixirs to fortify your feminine body. Time and space to simply be. Women's Sacred Sexuality Friday. A woman under 18 years of age must be accompanied by her mother, aunt, sister, grandmother or guardian. Nursing and bottle-feeding mothers are welcome to bring their infants. Women who have reached menopause are especially welcome as holders of the blood and keepers of the wisdom.

Women who have experienced hysterectomy are welcome, the physical womb may be gone; the womb energy remains always. Sisters, you are welcome in The Red Tent. Tantra Preview Evening. Having just returned from a pilgrimage to India, Dawn will share the rare and beautiful Tantric practices she learned during her time there. April 13th. Please Complete Registration By October 14th. October 22nd - 23rd. In this half-day immersion, you will be guided you through exquisitely beautiful Tantric practices designed for singles and couples alike, a journey into the far reaches of the heart.

Colorado October 22nd - 23rd. Tantra Practice Group. October 27th - December 22nd. And, we'll look at the parallels between academic Tantra research and live practice as we form a dynamic 7-week community of inquiry, exploration and sharing. We've all experienced it at one time or another, the feeling of dissolving that deep sex brings. Could our sexuality be a means for actualising our human potential? Learn specific techniques that will allow you to open up your body to experience completely what you are capable of as a sexual and spiritual being.

Learn about Tantra as a spiritual pursuit and journey. Learn how to feel the sexual energy in your body and how to exchange it with a partner so that you merge together as one. Learn how to surrender to a full body orgasm - to have access to your orgasm more naturally and easily than you do now. Experience sexual energy moving through your body and learn how to make that happen. Discover new ways of opening your heart and being vulnerable with another person - powered by your sexual energy.

Experience surrender and relaxation in high states of arousal. Share your sexual self with your partner without fear - be completely yourself, completely honest, your most authentic self. Discover your own personal Tantric quest, what can you expect to happen on the journey? Reconnect with your genitals and feel them pulsing with sexual energy and desire - awake to your aliveness.

Be completely present in sexual moments with no expectations of yourself or your partner, in joy, in gratitude — in just being - with no judgments. Discover your sexual empowerment, learn how to give of yourself without fear. Experience a heart that has opened, not through trying to be loving, but by allowing aliveness to flow through your body and feel vulnerable and full of love, love you can share with others easily and naturally. Be truly intimate with yourself and others with your sexual energy as an incredible force of awakening and vitality. And - I'll share some of what my journey has been and how it's unfolding.


California October 27th - December 22nd. You do not have to be enrolled in the 7-week series to attend the Sex Actualization. Open Class , everyone is welcome. November 11th - 13th. Women's Sacred Sexuality November 11th - 13th. You are welcome anytime between pm and pm. Welcome to The Red Tent. An enchanting sensual journey guided by Dawn. Leave the outside world behind as you dive deeply into the hidden mysteries of personal sexual alchemy for women.

Dream Tantric Dreams. Then time for a late night dip in the hot tub, star gazing. You'll learn simple rejuvenation practices that will gently restore your feminine essence. You'll sink into nature, surrounded by the glorious Topa Topa Mountains, fragrant with the scent of sage and citrus. Woman is nature. Our bodies are in tune in with the cycles of the earth, moon, sun and stars. The subtle vibration of our sexual energy is a receptive, expansive, self-nourishing flow. During this weekend for women, you'll be gently guided back to the rhythm of your own body.

You'll learn Tantric secrets for inner pleasures that will continue to nourish you for years to come. There is something remarkable about women gathered together, a synergy that takes on a life of its own. I've led these retreats around the world and have found nothing that compares to the depth, wisdom and abundant warmth of a woman's circle. Check out time is pm, Sunday, November 13th. A Tantric Expedition to India. Seeds of Sri Vidya planted in my heart at Devipuram are bearing fruit, now, years later. This is a journey for the true Tantrica.

For those who wish to go beyond intellectual understanding and merge with the extraordinary cosmology and mysticism that is Sri Vidya. We'll make the expedition back to Devipuram in late December, you are invited to join me. Traveling to my spiritual home, we'll walk the same well-worn paths walked by thousands of Tantrics since the beginning of time. The teachings and experiences that unfolded for me at Devipuram are like pages from a novel. I Will Have You a postcard from india. December 25th - January 9th.

Devipuram Sri Lalita Tripurasundari. The Sri Vidya We'll travel together from Chennai to Visakhapatnam, making our way to the center of the yantra, to Devipuram, arriving in the lap of Lalita Tripura Sundari. Welcome home. Conception a postcard from a tantric ashram in india. Belonging primarily to the Shakta school of Hinduism, it is dedicated to the goddess Sahasrakshi, a form of Lalita Tripurasundari, and her consort Kameshwara. Devipuram's primary focus is the Sahasrakshi Meru Temple, a unique three-story structure built in the shape of a Sri Meru Yantra - a three-dimensional projection of the sacred Hindu diagram known as Sri Chakra, which is central to Srividya upasana, an ancient and intricate form of Tantric Shakta worship.

Measuring feet square at its base and rising 54 feet high, the temple has become an increasingly popular pilgrimage destination over the past decade. Two other shrines, the Kamakhya Peetham and Sivalayam, are located on hills adjacent to the main temple. The sanctum sanctorum of the Sahasrakshi Meru Temple is reached by circumambulating inward and upward, past more than life-sized murthis of various shaktis or yoginis - deities expressing essential aspects of the Devi - who are, in Srividya cosmology, said to inhabit and energize the Sri Chakra.

Their exact locations are "mapped" in an elaborate ritual called the Navavarana Puja, "Worship of the Nine Enclosures", which was in turn condensed into a mantric composition called the Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram, "Hymn to the Auspicious Goddess's Garland of Swords", forming the basis of the temple's layout. This temple is unconventional in its practice of allowing devotees to perform puja to the Devi themselves, without regard to caste, creed or gender.

This may be an emulation of the Kamakhya temple complex in Assam, which has the same open policy for worship. The fact that many of the temple's murthis are portrayed as "sky-clad," or nude, has also, over the years, gained Devipuram considerable attention. Construction of the Sahasrakshi Meru Temple in Devipuram began in , and its completion and consecration, kumbha-abhishekam, took place in Prahalada Sastry, a former university professor and nuclear physicist left a successful year career with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai to begin work on the Devipuram temple in Now a noted spiritual guru, better known as Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati, affectionately known as "Guruji", reports that his creation of Devipuram was based on several visions of the Divine Mother, which specified both the design and mission of the temple complex.

Each of the many murthis within the Sahasrakshi Meru Temple was individually sculpted to Sastry's specifications, physically manifesting his meditative visions of these deities. According to Devipuram's official history, in , during Devi Yajna, Guruji was approached by the brothers of the Putrevu family with a request to build a temple for the Divine Mother.

In addition to the 3 acres of land that they had donated, Guruji bought the adjoining 10 acres and it was registered as land for the Devi temple. Having acquired the land, Guruji was looking for divine guidance, a sign of approval to commence construction of the temple. In the vicinity of the donated land, there was a small hillock where Guruji would often spend time in meditation. On the slopes of the hillock, he noticed a formation, a cleft rock forming a natural yoni, very similar to that of the Kamakhya Peetam in Assam. One day while in meditation he experienced himself lying on the peetam, while four others performed a homa, with flames emanating from his body.

And during purnahuthi, he felt a heavy object being placed on his heart. Awakening from his meditative state, Guruji was prompted to dig that site. Unearthed from that very spot, he found a Sri Chakra Maha Meru made of panchaloha. It was later discovered that a huge yajna had been performed in that area more than years earlier. Soon afterward, Guruji had visions of the Devi as a year-old girl.

With her blessings, he built the Kamakhya Peetam on the hillock and a Siva temple on the peak in Construction of the Sahasrakshi Meru Temple in Devipuram was started in A recent Devipuram publication reflected, "Even a fleeting glance at what has been accomplished around what used to be a no-man's land is enough to astound anyone. Air conditioned accommodation, single or double-sharing, in 5 star hotel with breakfast in Chennai, all interstate taxes, permits, tolls, parking, driver allowances, fuel and hire charges, all fees, basic shared ashram lodging and meals at Devipuram and all domestic flights.

Price Excludes: Food other than breakfast in Chennai, entrance fees for temples and other sights, guide services, tips of any nature, international flights, and anything that is not mentioned above. There is an additional supplement for single occupancy. We are traveling during high-season, for this reason it is imperative that we move forward with travel plans, purchasing international flights, applying for visas, etc.

All prices quoted are per person and current at time of posting. Prices are provided as a guide only and may vary due to changes in hotel fees, domestic airfares, or charges or due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Please note: the price of the expedition may change at any time, your price can only be guaranteed upon booking.

Domestic airlines will be used in conjunction with the expedition. All airfares are subject to availability and will be subject to the rules of the airfare purchased. I encourage you make your plans, book your flights and book your expedition now as the cost of round-trip flights to India will increase dramatically as the weeks pass. This is a highly specialized and personalized tour, personally guided by Dawn Cartwright, deep into one of the most beautiful Tantric ashrams in all of Southern India.

Please book now to be sure to save your space. Weaving the Beloveds. Valentine's Retreat. Tantric Lovemaking Practices for Couples Learn ways of activating and channeling ecstatic energy in your bodies, in your lovemaking and into your lives. You will learn and practice Tantric energy cultivation techniques that create the pathways needed for the experience of full body ecstasy. A Private Retreat in the Stunning Ojai Valley Splendid accommodation sure to inspire you, natural surroundings that will have you writing poetry to rival Yeats himself.

Elegant bedrooms decorated with an artist's eye and a touch of romance. Aphrodisiacs and Elixirs Potions from the apothecary gardens of the great lovers. Organic aphrodisiacs and elixirs specially concocted to stir the fires of love and passion. These igniting potions have been used for centuries to heighten sensation and increase pleasure. The two of you will be glowing with love.

Exclusive Access to the Most Secret Tantric Practices The practices you'll learn and experience at Weaving of the Beloveds are rarely taught anywhere in the world. Dawn reserves these techniques for her smaller, more intimate, private retreats. Practices that have proven, time and time again, to open doors to new realms of love and sexual connection in couples. Private sessions are a way to dive more deeply into your desires in the realm of sexuality, intimacy, meditation, and much more using Tantric techniques to unleash the ecstastic potential in your relationship.

Check out time is Friday at am. All practices are taught and successfully learned fully clothed without sexual contact. Due to the exclusive nature of this event, space is limited, please register now to avoid disappointment. We'll have a deep Tantric dive. Can't wait to be with you. Sacred Lovemaking Ojai. California February 14th - 17th. A massage. A nap. Unleashing the ecstastic potential in your relationship. The Pink Moment. April 20th - 23rd, Ireland Plans for a very special romantic get-away have burst into luscious reality.

A Private Retreat on the Stunning North West Coast of Ireland Splendid accommodation sure to inspire you, natural surroundings that will have you writing poetry to rival Yeats himself. Exquisite views, 16 acres of seclusion, overlooking Donegal Bay. Elegant ensuite bedrooms decorated with an artist's eye and a touch of romance. Check out time is Sunday at noon. Intuitive chef Dorene Palmer of Divine Foods will be in the kitchen taking the fine art of cooking to new levels of culinary ecstasy as she creates beautiful organic meals, aphrodisiacs and elixirs to ignite flames of passion.

Dorene works with only the best live foods, organic produce, local cheese and organic breads to create wholesome, healthy, healing, out of this world orgasmic feasts. Through Divine Foods, Dorene teaches and counsels on proper nutrition that promotes good health and vitality. After a few days of Dorene's cooking, you'll be feeling loved from the inside out.

Rosses Point. Fragrance of the Lotus. Teacher Training. Individuals with a deep love and desire for deepening within the path of Tantra. Tantra teachers who wish to receive certification through Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute. Tantra teachers who have already been certified by Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute and wish to receive the Associates certification.

Fragrance of the Lotus, the Immersion, and the men and women who will travel along with you, represent a tremendous step toward knowing yourself by experiencing Tantra deeply, intimately, with no limits or boundaries. I invite you to take the leap. California Module 1. August 18th - 27th. December 1st - 10th.