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I would love to bring back that crew more than anything. Kurtzman said the Enterprise -based shorts was a way to being those characters and actors back now that Discovery had jumped into the future for its third season, but that these new stories would not preclude a potential spin-off series featuring the Enterprise cast from being made.

The first set of Short Treks were released between the first and second seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. Of the initial four shorts ordered in July , three were set to feature characters from Discovery , with Mary Wiseman , Doug Jones , and Rainn Wilson reprising their roles of Silvia Tilly, Saru, and Harry Mudd , respectively, in a short each. Jones's short would explore the backstory of Saru, while Wilson would also direct the short that he was starring in. Aldis Hodge was set to star in the fourth short as a new character, Craft.

You see some alien situations you have never seen before in the Star Trek canon, and I am thrilled. In October, Wiseman explained that her short "Runaway" "fleshes out a little bit who this character is" and introduces Tilly's mother, but otherwise would not affect the second season, so anyone who did not see the short could still understand the main series.

Because of this, she did not have an exact placement of the short in the series' timeline though Jones pointed out that Tilly's hair in the short indicates it takes place during the second season due to her change in hair style between the two seasons. On his short "The Brightest Star" , Jones confirmed that it is set before the rest of the series and explores how Saru first joins Starfleet.

He said that his short would tie-into the second season more than the others with "breadcrumbs" and "hints", but the idea was still for the short and the second season of Discovery to stand alone. This short was the first work Chabon wrote for television to actually be produced. Kurtzman explained in February that the animated shorts would have a different animation style to the series Lower Decks , and that they would be directed by Discovery producing director Olatunde Osunsanmi and composer Michael Giacchino —who wrote the score for the Star Trek "Kelvin Timeline" films that Kurtzman wrote.

He based the main theme for the series on his Discovery title theme, and he was able to produce a different version of it for "The Escape Artist" which is not something Russo would be able to do for the main series. Russo approached each short's underscore individually. He was unsure how to approach the score for "Calypso" at first, and whether to have it similar to the music for Discovery due to that ship's presence or to intentionally make it different due to the different time that the short is set in. Russo was ultimately inspired for the music by the dance sequence in the short.

The two shorts that tie directly into the second season of Discovery , "Runaway" and "The Brightest Star", were included on the Blu-ray and DVD set of that season—alongside all the season's episodes and several bonus features—that was released on November 12, In a positive review, IGN ' s Scott Collura mostly praised the series after the release of the first four episodes saying, "The Short Treks have been an interesting experiment that have mostly worked, and it seems with this final installment that the Trek production team was just starting to nail the formula down.

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